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Primal Savage[edit]

This character literally knows nothing of civilization. He has spent all his life in the wild, learning to fight using only his body; knowing nothing of weapons or armor. This Barbarian variant makes the ideal "Tarzan" character.

Class: Barbarian

Level: 1st and onward

Replaces: All weapons, armor, and shield proficiencies, except for Unarmed Strike proficiency. Additionally, the duration of all Rages is reduced by 2 rounds. Finally, the Primal Savage begins knowing no languages, regardless of his race. However, he can understand hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language, can use Wild Empathy (below), and can spend skill points to learn languages as normal.

Benefit: Features identical to the Monk's Unarmed Strike and AC Bonus class features (including progression by level). Gain Improved Grapple as a bonus feat at 3rd level. Gain Stunning Fist as a bonus feat at 5th level, and Barbarian levels count as Monk levels for the purposes of the Stunning Fist feat. Gain Blind-Fight as a bonus feat at 7th level. The Primal Savage loses the benefits of these features (including the bonus feats) if he wears armor or carries a shield. Finally, the Primal Savage gains the Wild Empathy ability, as a Druid.

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