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Posible Destruction Means for Artifacts/Relics[edit]

Artifacts and relics are virtually impervious to magical and physical harm and each may only be "destroyed" by a single legendary means. Frequently, the supposed "destruction" is actually a form of nullification or containment of the artifact/relic, but results in the neutralization of its powers for vast periods of time. The following list suggests various means that might apply to the destruction of an artifact/relic and is open to additions and alterations by the DM. No artifact/relic should have the same nemesis as another; though the means may be the same, the specifics should vary. It should be kept in mind that the means of destruction are as rare and nearly unattainable as are the artifacts/relics themselves. Actively seeking the destruction of an artifact/relic is tedious, demanding, and fraught with great perils to body and soul, and the chances of surviving the destruction of the artifact/relic are minute without the grace of the gods.

The ways to destroy a particular artifact/relic is to:[edit]

Remember to feel free to add any ideas...

  1. Melt it down in the fiery furnace, pit, mountain, forge, crucible or kiln in which it was created.
  2. Drow it into or bury it beneath: (1) the Well of Time, (2) the Abyss, (3) the Earth Wound, (4)Adonais' Deep, (5) the Spring of Eternity, (6) Marion's Trench, (7) the Living Stone, (8) Mountain of Thunder, (9) 100 adult red dragon skulls, (10) the Tree of the Universe.
  3. Cause it to be devoured by: (1) Cerebus, (2) a Lernaenan Hydra, (3) a Titan, (4) an ancient Dragon Turtle.
  4. Cause it to be broken against/by or crushed by: (1) Talo, a triple itron golem, (2) the Gates of Hell, (3) the Cornerstone of the World, (4) Artur's Dolmen, (5) the Juggernaut of the Endless Labyrinth, (6) the heel of a god, (7) the Clashing Rocks, (8) the foot of a humble ant.
  5. Expose it to the penetrating light and flame of: (1) the Ray of Eternal Shrinking, (2) the Sun, (3) Truth: that which is pure will become Light, that which is impure will surely wither.
  6. Caused it to be steeped in either the encephalic fluids of the brain of Bahamut (the Platinum Dragon), or in the black and foul blood from the heart of Tiamat, the Chromatic Dragon.
  7. Cause it to be seared by the odious flames of Geryon's destroyed soul or disintegrated in the putrid ichor of Juiblex's deliquescing flesh.
  8. Sprinkle it with/baptize it in the (1) Well of Life, (2) River Styx, (3) River of Flame, (4) River Lethe (the river of forgetfulness).

Final Information[edit]

Legended items and regions should be placed by the DM in his or her own milieu in isolated locales -- preferably warded by mighty mythical and magical guardians (e.g., the serpent which guarded the golden fleece).

Gods make artifacts and with the destruction of set artifact comes with a price. The wrath of set God/Demi God. This is a sure fire way to summon the deity that created it. There for destroying an artifact can be perilous, precautions and defenses would be advised.

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