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Pontiff's Ward: This +2 mithral heavy shield is engraved with numerous religious glyphs and epithets lining carefully forged bands that converge upon a central depiction of Pelor's symbol; a serene and benevolent face centered within a sun. Pontiff's Wards are often gifted to the highest order of priests within a large kingdom. Only good-aligned clerics are able to benefit from these highly treasured shields.

A pontiff's ward bestows upon its rightful user the following benefits:

Moderate evocation; (DC 20);CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; searing light, shield of faith, creator must be good.; Cost 14,250 gp + 1,140 XP.; Activation: Use Activated; Weight: 7 lb. lb.; Market Price: 28,500 gp

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