Poltergeist Patron, Warlock (5e Subclass)

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Poltergeist Patron[edit]

Warlock Subclass

Your patron is not a specific entity, but the result of you being exposed to a sea of malevolent & or vengeful souls otherwise known as poltergeists. You find yourself able to sympathize with them, you commune with them, they briefly dwell within you, & a bargain is reached.

The Poltergeist Patron Expanded Spell List

Level Spells
1st cause fear, hex
2nd see invisibility, phantasmal force
3rd gaseous form, speak with dead
4th shadow of moil, phantasmal killer
5th banishing smite, negative energy flood

The Blessing that is Cursed

Starting at 1st level, your pact with the poltergeists grants you the ability of a short term possession. you may call upon one wrathful spirit to co-pilot your body for 1 hour. If the wrathful spirit is a warrior you are granted a temporary "18" in either str, dex, or con for the duration. If the spirit was a spiritualist, you are granted a temporary "18" in either int, wis, or cha for the duration. Once this duration is up, you must pass a DC (your spell DC) save to successful eject the poltergeist from your body. On a failed save, your body is hijacked, and you suffer 1d4 exhaustion for 1d4 days.

Vengeful Spirit

Starting at 6th level, when a creature missing you with an attack that requires attack rolls, you can use your reaction to counter the enemy and deal 1d12 Necrotic (within 15ft) or 1d4 Psychic (greater than 15ft) damage to the target.

you can use this feature 1 time per long rest

Otherworldly Armor

Beginning at 10th level, you have become so infused with the essence of dark spirits that you wear their malevolence like a suit of armor. as a bonus action you can increase your AC+2 until for one minute or alternatively you can use your action to reduce all incoming damage by an amount equal to your proficiency bonus for one minute.

Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

Perfect Possession

When you reach 14th level, you master the ability to synchronize with poltergeists. When you speak, multiple voices can be heard harmonizing with each other.

As a reaction, you become immune to any attempt at mind altering effects directed at you, including the one that triggered this ability. this immunity lasts until the end of your next turn.

Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short rest or long rest.

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