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Poison Stalker[edit]


Rogue Subclass

The Poison Stalker applies poison to blades and utilizes oil catalysts to finish off enemies by activating different effects.

Tools of the Trade

Beginning at third level when you chose this class you gain proficiency in alchemist supplies and poisoners kit with advantage on crafting poisons

Personal Concoction

Also at the third level, a Poison Stalker develops their own recipe for a unique injury poison that can only be applied safely by the poison stalker. This poison increases in potency with the number of applications. When the poison is applied to a weapon that damages an opponent, it leaves a residual effect that deals damage per turn. A creature subjected to the poison can make a Constitution saving throw on their turn to clear the poison. Poisoned targets have disadvantage on Attack Rolls and Ability Checks, and this specific poison gives disadvantage on constitution saves. If not applied, the poison expires in 1 minute.

Attacks made with advantage apply 3 stacks.

The damage is equal to 1d4 + the number of stacks + Proficiency, up to 15 stacks. However, the total number of stacks is unlimited.

The constitution save is described in the following chart:

Poison Stacks Constitution Save DC
1 8 + Dex Mod + Proficiency (Base DC)
3 Base DC + 1
6 Base DC + 2
9 Base DC + 3
12 Base DC + 4


At the 7th level, the poison stalker learns to create catalytic oils that can be used to magnify the poison in a target. These oils must be applied with melee attacks. The poison stalker can only store 1 of each oil and refreshes them during a short rest. Oil must be applied separately from a poisoned attack.

The three oils are:

  • Ignition Oil: Consumes all stacks to deal 1d6 fire damage per stack
  • Courruption Oil: Deal additional poison damage equal to number of stacks applied
  • Decrepifying Oil: The target makes a cons saving throw against the poison save dc and is slowed to 0ft movement and can't make opportunity attacks on a failed save. Lasts one turn.

The user also becomes proficient in dual wielding, using two blades makes the job twice as fast.

Critical Poisoning

Upon reaching the 11th level, the poison stalker has become extremely skilled at poisoning critical spots on an enemy's body. A critical hit is now achieved on a 19 or 20 and doubles stacks to an opponent (after poisoning).

The Poison Stalker can also now restock an oil as an action.

The Poison Stalker also develops a natural immunity to poisons, and discovers a new catalytic oil:

  • Sublimation Oil : Reduces immunity to poison to resistance for 1 minute.

Perfect Catalyst

At the 17th level, the poisoner has perfected their craft of poisons and oils.

The poison save dc is enhanced with an additional +2, and the poison does 2 damage per stack.

Catalysts are enhanced as follows:

  • Combustion Oil: Consumes all stacks to deal 2d6 fire damage per stack
  • Plague Oil: Deal additional poison damage equal to number of twice the number of stacks applied
  • Petrifying Oil: The target makes a cons saving throw against the poison save dc and is petrified on a failed save
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