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Poison Hemlock[edit]

This poison is made by processing the fruit of the hemlock (Conium) plant which can be found relatively often in temperate and tropical areas, particularly near forests, or in grasslands and hills. A character can identify the hemlock with a DC15 Survival or Knowledge(Nature) check. Gathering enough herbs for one dose of the poison takes 1d3 hours. Actually brewing the poison takes one hour and a DC 20 Wisdom check. Proper conditions and tools such as some cutlery, a cauldron and a fireplace are of course necessary. Having an alchemist´s kit or a well stocked alchemist´s lab provide a +2, or respectively +8, in the case of the latter, circumstance bonus to the Wisdom check needed. Even a humble rural kitchen would do in a pinch, but it would incur a -4 penalty and the character would be required to spend the next few hours rigorously scrubbing her tableware to avoid poisoning herself with the leftover toxin and becoming Nauseated, suferring from mild to moderate stiffness of extremities and occasional bouts of pursiness for two hours (the save still applies- see below) This plant bears a striking resemblance to wild carrots, parsley or fennel, while its root looks similar to that of parsnip. If confusion arises, a DC15 [[SRD:Survival Skill|Survival] ]or Knowledge(Nature enables one to tell the two apart. The hemlock poison is quite insidious as the target doesn´t feel anything at first, but a while later, she will find that her legs are going cold and stiff but then it is nearly too late, as the poison will quickly paralyze the target´s respiratory muscles resulting in quick suffocation. The target is not aware what is happening to her and only medical inspection( a sucessful DC15 (Heal check ), or Survival or Knowledge(Nature of the same DC, which the afflicted character can perform even on herself, and of course magical scrutiny will reveal her condition.

Type : Ingested Fortitude DC 16
Initial Damage: 1d3 Dexterity damage
Secondary Damage: 1d12 Constitution damage
Price: 350gp
(market price)

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