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Plant Being[edit]

Some say these beings were created by the Gods to ensure safety and protection of the organisms that live in the wilderness, while others say that those who walk into the wilderness and never return are turned into these beings of vines and flowers. These rumors are both true in a way. These beings are created by the gods. When a traveler ventures into the forest and passes, the gods place their souls into human-like forms made purely out of the nearby plants and vegetation. The plants become flesh and the plant you were created from grows from your body. The type of plant depends on the ecosystem of the area where the person passed away. Your old body decomposes into the surrounding area and becomes one with the earth. The age of the person that owns the soul becomes eternal until you pass in your plant form. As a plant you are also quite familiar with the fey of the forest, being their humble servants as well as their protectors. Some choose one person to protect and serve under while serve multiple, going where they are needed. Some venture to finish unfinished business from their past lives. Some also continue on with their normal lives. Whatever they choose to do, they are always tied to the Earth. How did you die? What type of ecosystem did you pass in? How old were you when you died? What type of plant was used to create your current vessel? Is your plant from a certain climate? How do you feel about drinking water at certain points of the day?

Skill Proficiencies: Choose 2: Nature, Medicine, Animal Handling, Survival, Deception

Tool Proficiencies: Weaver’s Tools, One Musical Instrument

Languages: Sylvan or Elven

Equipment: A trinket from your life before death, A set of Commoners clothes, a Musical Instrument, a pouch containing 3 plants of your choice.


What are you there to protect? Yourself? Others? A loved one? Your master? The beings of the wilderness?

Feature: Growth[edit]

Your body produces the plant or plants you were created from. These are able to be harvested and possibly eaten if edible. These plants grow back every 24 hours. Your body is also able to regenerate limbs within 72 hours if the plant growth is focused to that area of the body and not harvested for 3 days. These plants cannot be sold for coin as that would be unfair to the economy of the locals. You are also resistant to poison from plants.

Feature: Flammable[edit]

As a plant, you are vulnerable to fire . The damage will be devastating and you will continue to burn until put out by water or some other substance. Your body will slowly burn away as well. Basically, it is best to stay away from fire.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Most of these beings tend to protect and live for the forest while others believe that they deserve the world because they were created by the gods. Others wish to continue life as normal or start over. What you decide to be is up to you and your ideas.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I tend to be positive and give gifts to others
2 I think this whole “protection of the forest” thing is stupid and a waste of time
3 I feel more like myself in this form rather than my old body
4 I tend to get angered easily by someone who hurts others
5 I’m just here to vibe and live as a plant
6 I’m easily bored and need to keep occupied
7 Life as a plant sucks
8 I think that everyone deserves a second chance at life
d6 Ideal
1 Protector. I want to protect the forest and the people I care for (Lawful)
2 Prankster. Since I’m a plant now, why not use my new abilities to have some fun? (Chaotic)
3 Terrorizer. As a being created by the gods, I should have complete authority over all beings living in my domain and they should bend to my will (Evil)
4 Afterlife. I just wish to live my life they same way as I always have (Neutral)
5 Optimist. I just hope that things can be better and I can help make people smile (Good)
6 Lawless. I’m a plant so technically I don’t have to follow the law, so why not take what I need? (Chaotic/Evil)
d6 Bond
1 I stay loyal to the environment and protect the growing ecosystem
2 I worship the gods who created me and do as they wish
3 The protection of fey and the creatures living in the forest is my top priority
4 I wish to go back to the loved ones I had before my passing
5 I am loyal to no one, for I am the earth and I do not belong to anyone
6 I wish to protect the animals living in the local wilderness from the horrid ways of the people living nearby
d6 Flaw
1 I believe that I don’t deserve to be alive since I have died once already
2 It’s hard to give my trust and loyalty to others
3 I tend to push others away for fear of losing anyone
4 I tend to look scarier to others because of the plant I was made from
5 I tend to not care for myself and focus to much on others
6 Sometimes I think too low of others because of my origin

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