Plane Shifting Barrier (3.5e Spell)

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Plane Shifting Barrier
Level: Barrier Mage 9
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: 15ft +5ft/caster level
Target, or Area: 15ft by 15ft by 15ft cube
Duration: 1 round/lvl unless destroyed or dispelled
Saving Throw: Reflex (see text)
Spell Resistance: None

You create a barrier that once built, sends all those inside to a plane of the caster's choosing. The choice of plane must be made before the spell is cast, but once the barrier has entered the desired planes the caster may take a full round action to "transport" the barrier and anything inside to a different planes of the casters choosing. However, location is random unless returning to the origional planes where the spell was cast. Anyone or anything inside the barrier at the time of the casting is sent to the chosen plane, but anyone entering the area is treated as if there is nothing there. When the barrier's time expires, all creatures and objects are returned to the plane on which the spell was cast, even if they are outside of the barrier at the time of expiration. However, if the barrier is destroyed or dispelled, they are not returned to the original planes, but rather remain in the one they are currently in. If the spell ends when any creature or object is in the same place as a creature was when the spell was cast, the person in the barrier must make a reflex save as he or she is shunted to the nearest unoccupied square. If the creature or object fails, they are automatically knocked prone and takes 6d6 points of damage. A successful save negates the damage and is not knocked prone.

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