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Phoenix Rising
Evocation/Conjuration [Raise a dead creature by using arcane fire and a pint of your own blood]
Level: Sorceror 9 / wizard 9 / Elemental savant (fire)9 / Warmage 9
Components: Somatic, verbal, focus
Casting time: 1 Full Round
Range: 30 Feet / 9 Meters /per 4 Casterlevels
Target, Effect, or Area: a single creature / an explosion of 30 feet/ 9 Meter radius
Duration: instant
Saving Throw: will, harmless(negates)
Spell Resistance: none

1st Spellpossibility:

By uttering a word of power, followed by the ancient rite of cutting your own hand, to fill a pint with your blood, You ressurect a recently fallen creature (1 day per caster level) by the elemental fire of the phoenix flame.

Thus the creature rises, lending some of your strength ( you receive 2 temporary negativelevels for 2 hours per HD the creature had) in his burned, but fully reborn body. The targets soul is partially damaged ( target receives 4 negative permanent levels, which can be cured by greater restoration, wish, or miracle before the next dawn) and his body resembles a black crust of coaldust. To cast this Spell however, you have to be anointed by an order, deity or cause resembling the fire domain. You have to shapechange into the elemental form of an Elder Fire Elemental, or be subject to the "burning Body"-Spell which immunises you to fire and grants you the same benefits as an Elder Fire Elemental would have. Additionally the cut will damage to your hand cannot be healed or regenerated before the next dawn (1d4 damage) and damage reduction cannot be applied.

This Spell has some cruel negative effects on the creatures you ressurect however. Additional to the 4 negative Levels, they cannot be resurrected by "Raise dead" or "resurrection" or similar spells requiring a part of the body, should the creature die before the next dawn. If it is slayn before the next dawn, the creature simply crumbles to dust, leaving a dull red dust pile, additional the caster will regain half the negative Levels he took to resurrect this creature and gains 1/10 of its memories and a special or spell-like ability. The caster touched the creatures soul with elemental fire and thus is linked to this creature, thus explaining the additional effects if the resurrected subject dies before dawn.

However Truename Magic that affected the resurrected creature, now partially affects the caster aswell, since they are "soulbound".

2nd Spellpossibility:

Is the caster a creature of an evil alignment, he may cast this form of the spell: By uttering the word of power, and cutting your own hand in the infernal ritual way, you mix your blood with the dust beneath you. Black Flames crawl to the creature you nod at and consume body and Soul. The Body burns to ash and reforms Instantly with empty eyes.

Thus destroying the creatures soul entirely and converting the body to a mindless construct of the same level with the same feats spells and abilities. This is considered an evil atrocity, thus you receive 6 negative levels which are permanent until the construct is destroyed, or sanctified by an evil Outsider of great power (can be an evil deity too) before dusk.

Additional you can blend into the construct and control it, as if it was a "Skinsend"-Spell, while maintaining its special abilites, spell feats and character Level.

However, after casting this variant of the Spell, you WILL GAIN THE ATTENTION of ONE OR MORE INEVITABLES, or a type of creature resembling their ideals.

Material Component: a pinch of dust, a pint of your own blood

Focus: a Phoenix Feather of a full grown Phoenix / a dagger

Aye you have slayn my fellow guardsmen, and i will pity their loss. But have ever seen a Phoenix rising, have you ever felt the comfortable warmth it would grant my heart to see you pay eternally for your misbehaviour?
—Daelwyn Firebramble, Fire Savant, while her Castle was sieged by highpriests of Tyrannos

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