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Pharaoh's Hand
Level: Sandbender 8
Casting time: 2 rounds
Range: Long (400 ft./technician level)
Effect: Semi-sentient, human sized hand that attacks enemies as directed with death effect
Duration: 1 round/technician level
Saving Throw: SRD:Saving Throw#Reflex negates, SRD:Saving Throw#Fortitude partial

Technique Points Required: 15

Your attuned sand swirls around in a ball, condensing denser and denser, taking form as various features take shape. The finished product appears to be a human sized hand wrapped loosely in decrepit, ancient, mummification bandages with its decayed, wrinkly skin showing beneath the bandages in places. The hand may move with perfect flight at a speed of 35 feet per round and its movement is unimpeded by anything 1 size larger than it or smaller as it just flows around it, reforming on the other side. The hand has 100 hp and a touch AC of 18. If a successful melee attack is landed upon it there is a 50% chance the attacking creature is nicked by the sands of its creation and it takes 2d6 damage.

Each round it will always move its max speed towards the closest enemy target (ignoring allies selected during the usage of the technique and any instructed afterwords by taking a move action to use a mental connection) and only in straight lines towards that target. A successful Reflex save avoids being touched by the hand. If failed, the hand flows around the target, sapping all the moisture from it. The creature must make a Fortitude save or be left a dry husk on the ground instantly dead. Succeeding the fortitude save still causes the creature to take 2d6 + 1 point per technician level (maximum + 25). A creature may still die from the damage on a successful save. The hand does not damage an ally even if passing over it. Whatever happens, the hand continues on in a straight line past the target until its movement speed is used up.

If the hand pursues a target outside of the maximum range, it will dissolve into attuned sand that returns to you as fast as possible. You may expend a move action to change its target and thus prevent it from doing so.

If there are no targets to attack, the hand will stay by your side.

If you control more than 1 hand you must put your full effort into maintaining them through concentration with the DC for the concentration increased by 4 for each hand more than one. The concentration check must be made for each hand and on a fail the hand instantly dissolves. You do not have to make the check for the last hand if all the other hands dissolve.

You may expend an additional 15 technique points at the time of the hand's creation as well as an additional 5 cubic feet of attuned sand to increase the hand's movement speed by 10 feet. This may be done any number of times.

You may also spend an additional 15 technique points to increase the hand's save DC's by 4 and the damage done on a failed fortitude save to d8's.

You may spend no more than twice your technician level in additional technique points on this technique.

Material Component: 20 cubic feet of Attuned Sand

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