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A near featureless being that seeks to "perfect" the world and its inhabitants


"What appears to be a faceless man approaches you with no weapon. However, as he closes distance, a hole not unlike the mouth of several leeches you've seen grows on their face as he gets ever closer."

A perfected is a featureless being of its former race. It lacks all facial features, including eyes, mouths, noses, ears, and hair; although they do gain a lamprey-like mouth that seals itself after combat (see: Imperfection Drain). The only defining trait for any two perfected is the skin color of the race they originated from, although even this is modified often taking on the most common and/or mundane skin colr of that race. Any perfected of the same origin have absolutely no differentiating features and cannot be told apart. They do not communicate even amongst themselves. However, they gain the innate ability to sort out their role in a group/society or a situation (see: perfect mind).

The origins of the perfected remain a mystery to this day. Some believe them to have come from space as part of a never ending quest to perfect the universe. Others think they were the failed experiments of a magician creating new types of polymorhic spells. The most common theory is that they were the creations of a deity who sought to metamorphasize the world and its inhabitants to his own image.

The ultimate goal of all perfected is to dominate the world by draining it of individuality in order to create a society where no conflict exists because everyone is the same. Should this goal become reality, the perfected will try to eliminate all other "unperfectable" lifeforms be it plant, animal, or other monsters. They might tolerate the existence of tress and other plants given their pertinent ability to produce natural resources. They see their goal through by "perfecting" any society the come across (see special attacks). They see all other lifeforms as flawed beings and find perfecting them as the only way to save them from their flawed nature. The process begins physically, then affects creatures mentally and, once finished, shapes the very soul.

Creating a Perfected[edit]

Perfected is an acquired template that can be applied to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid with an Intelligence score of at least 1 hereafter referred to as the base creature.

Size and Type[edit]

A creature's size moves one step closer to medium with all penalties and benefits that such a change incurs. Their type becomes humanoid, and any subtypes are removed and replaced with the augmented subtype.

Hit Dice[edit]

All Hit Die change to d10s.


No change in land speed. The creature loses all abilities affecting flight and swimming

Armor Class[edit]

The slightly resilient skin of a perfected improves AC by one


The perfected do not normally engage in combat, preferring to take their victims by surprise or incapacitating them and using their imperfection drain to perfect their targets. However, a perfected can use any manufactured weapon and encountered perfected attack as 12th level warrior. There is a 10% chance a weapon wielded by a perfected is coated with a paralytic poison.

Full Attack[edit]

A perfected can use two weapons without the feat if under the effects of perfect coordination (see:special attacks)

Special Attacks[edit]

A perfected loses all su abilities and most su abilities associated with the base creature. The perfected also gains the following:

Improved Grapple- The perfected does not provoke an attack of opportunity when making a touch attack to start a grapple. Perfected also gain a +4 on all grapple checks, regardless of whether they started the grapple. Any creature subject to this grapple can automatically be hit by the imperfection drain the next round.

Imperfection Drain- Prior to beginning this ability, a perfected can choose to form a hole on their face similar in appearance to a lamprey's maw. This is considered a free action and does not incur any attacks of opportunity. The ability activates when a grappled or sleeping opponent has the maw attached to their face as a swift action. For every round thereafter a victim must make a fortitude saving throw or suffer 1d4+2 Charisma damage as their features, mental and physical, are literally sucked away. Noses and ears begin to seep into the body, hair falls out, skin color might change, etc. A sleeping individual can make a Wisdom for every two rounds a perfected is attached to their face. Success means they become aware of what is occurring to them and automatically wake up they can then break the contact at will. Failure means they might suffer a nightmare, but in most cases the creature remains asleep. Any creature reduced to 1/4 of their original Charisma must make a will saving throw or adopt the perfect mind (See: Special Qualities). When a victim's Charisma is reduced to 0, it becomes unconscious (if awake and grappled) and spends the next 1d4 rounds undergoing the final changes. Their mouth seals, any scars or tattoos fade, and their very soul is transformed. If not already acquired, they gain Perfect Mind as well as, Perfect Body and Perfect Soul. If at any time before reduces to zero charisma, a creature manages to break the grapple through a grapple check or otherwise, they can detach the perfected mouth with a swift action. Lost Charisma is restored at a rate of 1 point every hour along with any features lost. A character who has been freed from the drain may temporarily lose some features until recovered. The DM can decide what and how many features have been lost according to how much Charisma was damaged. For example: A person with 10 Charisma who is reduced to 5 might be emotionless at first and lack any ears which would impose penalties on all activities requiring hearing.

Special Qualities[edit]

The Perfected loses all qualities related to the base creature and gains the following:

Perfect Mind- The mind of the perfected is emotionless and devoid of all feeling. The only possible exceptions are a pity felt for those imperfect and a slight euphoria of their existence as a perfected and bestowing it on others. They are immune to all mind affecting abilities. In addition, due to perfected having exactly the same, but separate, mind, they are synchronized with each other, knowing what role to play in a group or community. if there are three or more perfected attacking together in concert, they gain a +2 on all checks exempting Charisma and Wisdom. If a creature is afflicted with perfect mind but not yet perfected, he will not resist any perfected and attempt to become perfected at any opportunity. Though a perfected might use them to lure a group into a trap that gives the perfected a new batch of individuals they can "help." This can be removed only with psionic surgery or a similar spell.

Perfect Body- The body of a perfected is featureless but can still function properly. Perfected gain blind sight up to 60ft. Perfected also have no need to eat because they receive nutrients through their skin by slowly absorbing it from inorganic materials. They do breath, but they do so by absorbing oxygen through their skin. thus, they can breath in water that is not void of oxygen. Their enhanced body grants them immunity to all non-magical diseases and poisons.

Perfect Soul- Once the mind and body have been transformed the very soul of the base creature is altered. This grants the perfected immunity to effects such as polymorph other because the soul alters the body, perfecting it again within 1d4 rounds. This effect is also used to regenerate the perfected as the spell twice per day. Anyone who attempts to make mental contact with a someone who has a Perfect Soul (not just an individual with a perfect mind or body) must make a Will save or become mentally dominated by the soul and acquire perfect mind.


Perfected have a set Charisma score of 1. Strength+4, Wisdom+1, Dexterity+3, Constitution-1,






Perfected are usually nomadic. They travel anywhere they find convertible societies and remain there until they've finished their work whereupon they continue to roam. On rare cases they may stay where their original form once was and live as an independent society, however this is uncommon.


Challenge Rating[edit]




Level Adjustment[edit]

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