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Perfect Storm
Spellcraft DC: 383
Components: V
Casting time: 1 action
Range: 10 mile radius centred on caster
Duration: 20 hours (D)
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop: Seed: Energy (DC+25), Energy (DC+25). Factors: create targeted thunderstorm and tornado (DC+50), 1 action casting time (DC+20), no somatic component (DC+2), dismissible by caster (DC+2), create 10 tornados total (DC+225), increase range by 400% (DC+8), increase damage die of lightning to d20s (DC+30). Increase damage die of tornados to d20s (DC+40). Mitigating factors: burn 4,400xp (DC-44). Material cost: 3,447,000. Research time: 69 days. XP cost: 137,880xp.

As you utter the last words of the incantation the air goes unbearably still around you then over the next ten minutes a huge storm builds above you, swirling tornados tear throughout the sky, while lightning blasts down from the heavens and gale force winds force your enemies to their knees as you command nature itself to strike them down.

After 10 minutes this spell causes a "perfect storm" to form above the caster, this storm is in a 10 mile radius with the caster at the centre. The storm is comprised of a thunderstorm spanning the whole area and 10 tornados all of which are at the casters control, these act exactly like natural phenomenon except that the caster can will the tornados to take a path or go in a direction within the storm and can decide where each bolt of lightning shall land. The damage caused by both the tornado and the lightning is increased to d20s, the caster is not immune to the storm effects (unless by some other means e.g. Electricity immunity). This lasts for 20 hours or until the caster dismisses it.

XP Cost: 4,400xp

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