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This is a barbarian subclass.

Path of the Warborn

Some barbarians were born in conflict, The conflict of living every day hunted by predators stronger, faster, or smarter then they are. the fight of survival. These Barbarians see every moment of there lives as one of a trial, with death as the consequence for failure. The path of Warborn is only there for those that know survival of oneself, or of the clan, is all that matters. Those of the Warborn are gifted powers by the god of Nature Ismith (Homebrew god in a homebrew setting, though some gods are creatures of nature and survival might also fit this roll) He views these men and women as those that hold within them the values to always strive to survive, to never surrender in the face of death in order to find that single moment that opens a chance at life. To be a Warborn is to accept There is no Honor, no rules to conflict, only that the fittest survive.

Ring of War

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, your rage comes with it an energy gifted to you by your god. This energy creates a space your movement speed in diameter around you and glows a slight red colour. Any attack that's point of origin is outside the ring suffers disadvantage against you or other friendly members within the ring. While raging you are also immune to being frightened. Using your rage can be used to end a frightened state.

War Grip

starting at 6th level, You draw energy from your ring and your rage to force the enemy to you. While raging as an action you may attempt to pull any creature you choose within your Ring of war of size large or smaller to 5ft from your location. They must succeed on a DC of 8 + proficiency bonus + Strength Modifier, on a failed save they are pulled and you are able to attack as a bonus action. On a successful save they are not effected.

Unrelenting rage

At 10th level, you may draw on the energy to force you to fight longer. During your rage you can choose to use an action to use your Hit dice in order to provide yourself with Temporary Hit Points. You roll as if you were taking a short rest. All Temporary Hit points gained from this feature are lost once your rage ends. You need to finish a long rest before you can use this feature again.

Will Not Go Quietly

At 14 level, You gain the fortitude that is needed to truly survive. On any turn that you are required to roll a death saving throw you may instead choose to activate this feature, This causes your character to stand up, Grab a weapon within reach, and start raging even if you have no rage remaining. these are free and do not affect your turn. During your turn you must use your movement and action to attack an enemy in some way. After your turn is passed you suffer a level of exhaustion and one point of damage. you continue to stay in this mode so long as you are raging, or until there are no more enemies within movement range. any damage or healing sustained during this mode are put into a separate section starting at 0, If this separate pool is negative by the end of your rage, or when there are no more enemies remaining, you die. If this pool is positive then you are unconscious and stable. You cannot use Unrelenting rage while you are in this mode.

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