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Path of the Tainted[edit]

Barbarian Sub Class

Those who follow the Path of the Tainted are cursed, tainted by eldritch powers, and as their rage manifest, their foul and mutated blood transforms their features to be monstrous and menacing.

Abomination: At level 3 your rage reveals your dark and horrible nature, your nails turn into claws, skin into thicker hide and your eyes turn yellow with slit pupils. Whilst raging you gain the following features...

- You gain vulnerability to radiant damage.

- You gain +2 to your AC

- Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 slashing damage

- You gain advantage on all Wisdom (Perception) checks involving sight or smell

Feral and Monstrous: At level 6 the physical properties of your taint become more prominent, heightening your reflexes/senses and sharpening your claws even in your normal form. You gain the following features

- You can use your bonus action to do an additional unarmed attack or a Wisdom (Perception) check.

- Your unarmed attacks now deal 1d6 bludgeoning out of rage and 1d8 slashing in rage.

Eldritch Blood: At level 10 the magical properties of your taint effect become more prominent. Whilst intimidating you emit magical pheromones and you also harness your magic through your unarmed strikes. You gain the following features...

- You gain advantage on intimidation checks.

- Your unarmed strikes are counted as being magical for the sake of overcoming resistance.

Truly Horrifying: At level 14 you have mastered your curse fully. Your attacks become extremely deadly, so far as to frighten your opponents. You gain the following features...

- Your unarmed attacks now deal 1d8 bludgeoning out of rage and 1d10 slashing in rage

- Once a round, when you attack a creature they role a Wisdom saving throw (DC = 8+ Intimidation modifier) and if they fail they take 2d6 psychic damage

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