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Path of the Slayer[edit]

I am a Dwarf! My honour is my life and without it I am nothing. I shall become a Slayer. I shall seek redemption in the eyes of my ancestors.
I shall become as death to my enemies, until I face he that takes my life and my shame.
—Gotrek Gurnisson, vowing to uphold the Path of the Slayer
A dwarven slayer wielding
his mighty axe, Source

Being hunters of dragons, trackers of beast, or killers of giants is not an easy thing. The slayers are few individuals who excel at finding and slaying certain type of creatures from Aberrations to Undead. Many believe the slayers to be no more than blood thirsty killers who seek to hunt an entire species out of existence. However, most don’t seek to kill all their quarries, but simply to test their might against what they believe as a great danger.

Some slayers even take this path as a way to redeem themselves from crimes, sins, and shame that they might have committed. This usually installs the idea that the more glorified of a death the slayer can obtain; the better their mistakes can be erased from history. They believe that having a quarry is simply because it is more dangerous than others; thus, they are more likely to die by their hands or claws.

Quick Build[edit]

You can make a Slayer barbarians quickly by following these suggestions. First, make Strength your highest ability score, followed by Constitution. (Most Slayer barbarians focus on hitting their quarry hard, and staying long enough to see the job done.) Second, choose the Outlander background.

Hunting Quarry[edit]

At 3rd level, you gain a certain rush and grow a taste for hunting, killing, and decapitating your quarry, especially while overcome by your rage and bloodlust. Choose a type of creatures as your hunting quarry: aberrations, beasts, celestials, constructs, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, giants, monstrosities, oozes, plants, or undead. Alternatively, you can select two races of humanoid (such as gnolls and orcs) as hunting quarry. You gain the following whenever you fight your hunting quarry:

-You can track your hunting quarry while traveling at a fast pace. -While raging, you can spend your bonus action to move half your speed toward your hunting quarry. -While raging, you can spend your bonus action to make a single melee attack against your hunting quarry. You choose one additional hunting quarry at 10th level, and another addition at 17th level. As you gain levels, your choices should reflect the types of monsters you have encountered on your adventures

Knowledgeable Slayer[edit]

Despite being a savage, warmongering barbarian who doesn't always relies on it head to think, the Slayer is quite knowledge when it come to it hated quarry. When making either Intelligence (Investigation, History), or Wisdom (Insight, Perception, Survival) tests related to your quarry, you may double your proficiency bonus if you are proficient or add half your proficiency bonus if you are not proficient. You gain advantage on all Intelligence tests made to recall information about your quarry based on your studies and information, including any class levels, supernatural or extraordinary abilities, or weaknesses they might possess, though this is obviously limited by the information you were able to access while studying them or gathering information about them.

Quarry Hatred[edit]

At 6th level, your hatred to your hunting quarry is so strong that it can fuel you rage indefinitely. While your hunting quarry is within sight, you may continue to rage until you either kill your quarry, fall unconscious or you choose to end it. You also can’t be charmed or frightened by your hunting quarry while raging.

Slayer’s Fury[edit]

At 10th level, your fury and anger fuel your strikes, casing you to shatter your quarry with relative ease. You gain the following whenever you fight your hunting quarry:

-While raging, your melee damage is doubled against your quarry. -While raging, your melee attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20 against your hunting quarry.

Professional Slayer[edit]

At 14th level, your quarry can’t surprise you with any attack you haven’t seen, yet you can still surprise it more than once. While raging, you can use your Reckless Attack against your hunting quarry without causing it to have advantage against attacking you. You also become resistance to any type of attacks (acid, poison, fire, lightning, magic, etc.), as an reaction you can reduce all damage from an attack to 0 once per long rest from your quarry only

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