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Path of the Skinshifter[edit]

This path is flexible and mechanics can be bent to fit the flavor as needed.

For some Barbarians, Rage is not a choice but a curse put on them, a violent outcome of the circumstance of their life. Some were bitten, some were experimented on, but all are balls of rage in the right stage.


Form of the Beast[edit]

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, Raging no longer costs an action and now transforms you into the Form of the Beast. Doing so gives you proficiency in Intimidation or double if you had so before, and Temporary hit points equal to your level+Constitution Score. Your rage also lasts until you either are knocked unconscious, dismiss it, or 1 hour has passed.

Beast Strike[edit]

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, you gain a Beast Strike, which may represent claws, a powerful bite, etc. A Beast Strike is a natural weapon, and can be used in place of one when you make a melee weapon attack. Doing so requires you to manifest your beast form, revealing your nature.

You are always proficient with your Beast Strike. Add Strength to the attack and damage rolls, and the attack deals 2d6 damage. When you gain this feature, choose whether the Beast Strike does bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, poison, or acid damage; the attack is considered magical for the purposes of overcoming resistances. You may also give it the Finesse property, changing the damage to 1d10.

Beast Rage Focus[edit]

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, you gain a bonus while in Beast Rage, chosen from the list below. You choice is not limited by the form you take, but your DM may limit or request that you take one due to thematic reasons.

Rampager: you can use Rampage as an action. During you turn, you may attack every creature within reach with your Beast Strike. Creatures have advantage to hit you when you take this action until your next turn.

Goliath: the first time you take damage per round, you can use a reaction to grant yourself temporary HP equal to the damage taken + your constitution modifier. On your turn, you can use a bonus action to lose any temporary HP you have and recover an equal amount of HP.

Stalker: if you move at least 15ft in a straight line before hitting a creature no more than one size larger than you with a melee attack, the target must make a Strength save against (8 + your STR + your prof) or be knocked prone.

Apex-Predator: when you hit with a Beast Strike, you can also attempt to grapple the target as long as you are not wielding something in that would take both of your hands. While this creature remains grabbed, it is restrained and you cannot target anything else with your Beast Strike. Beast Strike attacks against creatures you are grabbing have advantage to hit..

Aquatic Hunter: you may breath underwater and have a swim speed equal to your normal move speed with a minimum of 40. When you grapple a creature you may use your movement to drag the creature if it does not have a natural swim speed of 20 or more. When you are raging and out of water you have disadvantage on all saving throws.

Wild Instincts[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you gain a bonus while in Beast Rage, chosen from the list below. Your choice is not limited by the previous choices, but your DM may limit or request that you take one due to thematic reasons

Rampager: Once per your turn, when you kill a creature you may either immediately take another attack action or take the dash action.

Goliath: If you are under full health, you gain your level in temporary hit points per round if you are in melee range of a creature.

Stalker: you gain proficiency in Stealth, and Darkvision with a radius of 60 feet if you don't have it. You also gain a climb and swim speed equal to half your speed. You gain advantage on stealth rolls if you are in your selected Natural Habitat when you gain that feature.

Apex-Predator: You gain proficiency in Stealth and Perception. Your attacks and grapples also now have a reach of 10ft.

Aquatic Hunter: As long as you are in water you can take an additional Bonus Action on each of your turns in Combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

Mindless Rage[edit]

Beginning at 7th level, you can’t be Charmed or Frightened while raging. If you are Charmed or Frightened when you enter your rage, the effect is suspended for the Duration of the rage. This feature replaces the Feral Instinct class feature.

Natural Habitat[edit]

Beginning at 10th level, You can identify creatures by their blood as accurately as you can by their face. Additionally, choose a habitat: forest (including jungles or heavy plant growth), wastes (including deserts, snow fields, or mountains), underground (including caverns or sewers), water (including oceans or streams), or urban (including towns or ruins). You ignore difficult terrain caused by features of your habitat, and have advantage on checks to perceive creatures hiding in them.

Apex Beast[edit]

Starting at 14th level, you gain a bonus while in Beast Rage, chosen from the list below. Your choice is not limited by the previous choices, but your DM may limit or request that you take one due to thematic reasons

Rampager: when you hit a creature with an attack, it makes a DC 8+Strength(or dex if finesse) Constitution save, and if they fail they take 1D6 bleeding damage per round unless they spend an action to attempt to heal (Medicine check) the wound.

Goliath: Your size becomes Large and your AC goes down by 1 and you gain the Charging monster ability. Magical clothing and armor you wear grows to fit your new size or become part of your transformed body; non-magical armor and shields provide no bonuses.

Stalker: If you have advantage on an attack, one creature per turn takes an extra 1d8 damage from your melee attacks until end of the turn.

Apex-Predator: If you are grappling a creature, you may use you action, bonus action, and movement to deal a critical hit to it with your Beast Strike.

Aquatic Hunter: While submerged you have advantage to hit on all creatures who are not at full health.

(shout-out to Macv12 with the original concept.)

Charging Monster[edit]

You may only gain this by taking the Goliath Apex Beast trait. You may use you action and movement to charge forward, when you enter the spaces of creatures smaller than you and you make an attack roll using your Beast Strike, The creature moves to an adjacent space decided by the DM. The creature doesn't provoke OA for this movement and any creature you hit can not make OA on you.

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