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Path of the Pugilist[edit]

Barbarians that go down the Path of the Pugilist are those who not only battle often, but enjoy doing so, beating their enemies to a pulp with nothing but their surroundings and their own two fists. A Pugilist barbarian is one who is overjoyed to feel their opponents blood splatter on their fists and hearing the satisfying crack of bones breaking under the weight of a nearby chair.

Pugilist Arts

You know exactly how to make hit hard with both a simple punch or swing of a broken bottle. Starting at 3rd level, you have proficiency in improvised weapons and unarmed strikes, and have a Pugilist arts dice. This dice is a d4, becoming a d6 at 6th level and a d8 at 14th level. This dice can be used in place of the normal damage of unarmed strikes and improvised weapons.

Swift Strikes

Becoming accustomed to fighting unarmed, you are able to throw punches very quickly and swiftly. At 6th level, so long as you are not wearing any armor and have your hands free,(aka not wielding a shield, weapons or holding an item, unless it is a punching item)you can make two unarmed strikes instead of one when you make an unarmed strike.

Punch and Weave

You excel at being able to get in and out of a fight, as well as start one, with relative ease. At 10th level, you can take the Dash or Disengage action as a bonus action on your turn, and when you make an unarmed strike attack you can choose to attempt a grapple instead.

Expert Brawler

You have mastered the art of unarmed and improvised fighting. At 14th level, your Swift Strikes feature applies to your improvised weapons, and when raging you can add your rage damage bonus to attack rolls of unarmed strikes and improvised weapons.

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