Path of the Instinctive Soul Barbarian (5e Subclass)

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Path of the Instinctive Soul[edit]

Barbarian Subclass

Most Barbarians freely indulge their darker habits, but you have learned to channel that rage, gaining control over the locked potential within. You see your ferocity as a tool to be harnessed and choose to control it, rather than allowing it to control you. Perhaps you have always been aware of the darkness within you, and have spent your life developing it. Maybe you trained with a group of Monks in order to gain enlightenment and better understand your true nature. However you came to choose this path, all will come to know what you are truly capable of.

Adroit Action

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this path, you may use the Dodge action as a bonus action

This feature is only available while in rage, and so long as you haven't moved this turn.

Deflect Missiles

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this path, while in rage, if you are the target of a ranged attack, you can use your reaction.

The damage you take from the attack is reduced by 1d10 + your Dexterity modifier + your barbarian level.

If you reduce the damage to 0, you can catch the missile if it is small enough to fit in one hand and you have at least one free hand.

You can then as part of the same reaction make a ranged attack with that weapon or piece of ammunition. You are considered proficient when making an attack this way.

Deft Evasion

Starting at 6th level, while in rage, when making a Dexterity saving throw, you take 0 damage on a successful save, and half on a failed save.

In addition, on a successful save you can move half your movement speed to an unoccupied location away from the attack.

Dodging Strikes

Starting at 10th level, while in rage, if you take the dodge action and are the target of a melee attack, you can use your reaction to make a swift counterstrike the creature never saw coming.

A creature damaged this way can not take the Hide, Dash, or Disengage action on their next turn.

Ultra Instinct

Starting at 14th level, your mastery over your rage has granted you proficiency in all saving throws while in rage.

In addition, whenever the Relentless Rage feature is triggered for the first time each rage, on a successful constitution save you gain a boost to your ferocity when getting back on your feet.

This adds a bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to your rage damage bonus until your rage ends.

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