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Path of the Gutbuster[edit]

Barbarian Subclass This is a re-imagining of the Path of the Battle Rager subclass, aiming to be more balanced and more inline with the original idea for the subclass. This one takes inspiration from the Gutbuster Brigade of Battleragers.

The Battleragers, a long line of brutal fighters, that throw caution to the winds as they throw themselves into the middle of their foes, are a fearsome and respected foe, but amongst them the Gutbusters. The Gutbusters tactic was simple, and yet genius, a full set of specially designed armor, covered head to toe in spikes, razors, and hooks, would allow them to turn their very bodies into horrifyingly efficient weapons. With rage, and courage bordering on idiocy, they jumped headfirst into the thick of their foes, grabbing them up and slashing them to pieces on their chests. As one taking the Path of the Gutbuster, you now join the ranks of these fearsome warriors.

Gutbuster Armaments

When you choose this path at 3rd level, you become proficient in the use of and gain the ability to craft Gutbuster Armaments. Gutbuster Armaments are special harnesses that are the signature weapon of the Gutbusters. These tight fitting leather harnesses are fitted with razors and blades all over them, turning the body of the Gutbuster into a fearsome weapon. The Armaments can be worn over top of the users body or armor and does not stop the user from having the benefit of the armor or unarmored defense. The Armaments count as a weapon for the purposes of enchantments and magical enhancements. While wearing the Armaments, you have advantage on Intimidation checks. Anybody that is not proficient with the Armaments, that makes an attack while wearing them, takes 2d4 piercing damage. It costs 50g and takes 1 hr to craft the Armaments.

Spiked Embrace

At level 3, a Gutbuster learns how to use their Armaments to inflict pain. While grappling or climbing an opponent a Gutbuster can make Attacks with their Armaments, causing 2d4 piercing damage plus strength mod, this number goes up to 4d4 at level 5, 6d4 at level 11, and 8d4 at level 17. As an action they can attack an opponent with their Armaments, despite not being grappled or climbed. If a Gutbuster successfully grapples, becomes grappled, stops an opponent from escaping a grapple, successful defends against a shove, or climbs an opponent, the opponent takes 2d4 piercing damage from the Armaments.

Gutbuster Style

At level 6, a Gutbuster learns a style of combat using their Armaments. Choose one of the following:

Body Slam: If you move 10 ft in a straight prior to making an attack with your Armaments, in the same round, the Armaments deal an extra 2d4 piercing damage if that attack hits.

Bristling Wall: When you take the Dodge action, gain 3 AC til the beginning of your next turn and anybody that makes a melee attack against you during that time takes 2d4 piercing damage from your Armaments.

Barbed Grasp: You can make Attacks of Opportunity with Armaments, if the attack hits you can make a grapple or climb attempt as part of the Attack of Opportunity.

Advanced Armaments

At level 10 a Gutbuster has personalized their Armaments, pick one of the following:

Steel Plating: By incorporating steel plates behind your spikes your Armaments now grant you +2 AC

Hooked Spikes: Swapping out some of your spikes for hooks makes it hard for opponents to get away. Opponents have disadvantage on any checks to escape your grapple, or shake you off of them.

Dirty Spikes: Leaving the spikes dirty and rusty causes more pain to the enemy, any attacks with the Armaments deal 2d4 extra Necrotic damage

Reckless Gutbuster

At level 14 a Gutbuster has fully embraced how to let go on the battlefield, turning into a ball of fury. Pick one of the following:

Ball of Spikes: As an action, you may make an attack, with your Armaments, against each target of your choice within 5 ft of you, roll separately for each target.

Coup de Grace: In your crazed fury you have learned how to destroy any foe that comes within your grasp. While enraged and attacking recklessly, if you attack, using your Gutbuster Armaments, against a grappled and prone enemy, you do max damage with that attack.

Enraged Regeneration: When you use Reckless Attack while raging, you gain resistance to all types of damage (except psychic) and you also gain temporary hit points equal to 5 + your Constitution modifier. They vanish if any of them are left when your rage ends .

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