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Path of the Exile[edit]

"Path of the Exile" is one of the Barbarian's Primal Path subclass options, available upon reaching 3rd level.

You have been cast out of your clan. Whether you bear the scars of exile, the marks of shame, or simply the burden of dishonor, you have fallen from grace in the eyes of your people. Unlike the rest of your brethren, you have been forced to face the brutal wilderness alone and against your will… but you have proved yourself to be up to the challenge. The harsh environment has steeled you, physically and mentally—you have become a true force of nature in your own right, as fierce and unforgiving as the wasteland you conquered.

Heart of the Wild

The wilderness shows no kindness, and has no mercy for those cast into it — you learned to survive in spite of that. At 3rd level, you have become hardened by the harsh landscape, stronger and sturdier than most could ever hope to become, and skilled enough to outsmart nature itself.
You gain proficiency in one of the Survival and Nature skills, and can now double your ability modifier for Strength and Constitution checks.

Lone Warrior

From the first step of your exile, you have been alone. Alone against every beast, every monstrosity that you have ever come across... but when fighting for your life, you learn that you can always fight harder.
Starting at 6th level, when battling an opponent who has damaged you within the last round, you gain +2 to Attack and Damage rolls against them.


In times of desperation, you have learned to dig in like a cornered beast, and fight with a terrifying, unbridled ferocity.
Upon reaching 10th level, when you are unable to or opt not to use your movement on a turn, you can make a second weapon attack as a bonus action. Your Attacks deal an extra 1d6 damage, and can be made to affect all targets within your reach, if your attack roll would hit them.

Bear the Pain

You have been beaten, battered, and broken by the wasteland — never once did you have the luxury of another to watch your back or mend your wounds. Pain is inevitable, you have discovered... but by the gods, you have learned to take it.
By 14th level, you can shrug off even the most vicious of injuries in the heat of battle. While raging, you can use your reaction to reduce incoming damage. Roll 1d8 and add your constitution modifier, and reduce the incoming damage by that amount. If you reduce the damage to 0, you regain temporary hit points equal to the remaining amount. Using this ability expends a use of Rage. If you use this ability with no uses of Rage left, gain a level of exhaustion.

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