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Barbarian Primal Path

Empathy is not a trait commonly emphasized among barbarians, but those with the mental and physical fortitude necessary to harness its power have many doors opened to them. To be a Doloromancer is to not only accept, but embrace tremendous suffering. As the line between what harms you and helps you blurs, your power will grow.

Transfer Injuries

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, you gain the ability to move physical injuries from one creature to another. You can move 1d4 of missing hit points from another creature to yourself, or from yourself to another creature. This takes one action. You have a number of empathy points equal to your barbarian level. You must expend one empathy point for each d4 you transfer. While raging, you may do this twice per turn without expending any empathy points. In order to transfer injuries you must be able to make physical contact with the other creature involved. If the creature is unwilling, it must succeed a constitution saving throw against your constitution (8+proficiency bonus+constitution modifier) in order to prevent the effects. On a failed save, the transfer is made. This cannot be used to repair constructs, only living tissue. Empathy points are replenished after a long rest.

True Empathy

Beginning at 6th level, you have honed your skills enough to target physical and emotional conditions, such as blinded or frightened. You may choose to spend one empathy point to transfer one condition. Once per Long rest, without expending any empathy points, you may share emotions with one willing creature. This will cause you both to experience each other’s emotions for up to 1 minute as long as physical contact is maintained. This allows for full understanding of each other’s intentions and feelings. You may use these abilities with any creature, including warforged, as long as the effect does not involve repairing mechanical parts.

Optimal Injury

Beginning at 10th level, you can use your reaction and an empathy point to mitigate damage dealt to you by moving the injury to a less vital area. When you are about to take damage, roll the amount of damage dealt with disadvantage. You may also do the opposite to opponents by moving the injuries you deal to a more vital area. To do this, make a melee attack and use your bonus action and an empathy point to roll your damage with advantage. This requires physical contact with the creature.

Greater Tolerance

Pain has had your company for so long that you have become numb to the traumatic experience of using your abilities. Starting at 14th level, when you transfer injuries you may choose to use a d4, a d6, or a d8 instead of only being able to use a d4. You may also transfer two conditions at a time.

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