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Path of The Cursed Soul[edit]

A Path of the Cursed Soul barbarian are those who harness the power of their rage through the form of a curse mark. Although those who wield the power of the curse mark usually say its effects are benign, those who are affected by it secretly feel things such as constant pain, hunger for more power, thirst for bloodshed or something else.

The individuals who enter into this path usually tell of some lifechanging event in the past which branded them with their curse mark. Some get it through deals with witches, pacts with devils, or even through powerful cursed items. Regardless of how they got cursed, they are now stuck with it. Because of this, all but the most foolhardy of cursed soul barbarians now choose to use their newfound powers in battle, as if to share upon the same blight they feel with their enemies.

Curse Soul Curse Mark
Barbarian Level Curse Mark Die
3rd 1d4
6th 1d6
10th 1d8
14th 1d10
20th 1d12
Curse Mark

At 3rd level, a curse mark appears on your body, granting you the power to debilitate others, while also being a sign of powers gained through unnatural causes. While you're raging, when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, as long as the creature is not cursed by Curse Mark, a curse gets placed upon the creature until the start of your next turn. At the start of a cursed creature's turn, it takes an amount of necrotic damage based on your level in this class, as shown on the Cursed Soul Curse Mark table.

Also, whenever a cursed creature you can see makes an attack roll or an ability check, but before the results of the roll have been announced, as a reaction, you may invoke the power of your curse mark. You may roll a Curse Mark Die and subtract the amount rolled from the cursed creature's roll.

Enhanced Curse

Starting at 6th level, whenever you place a curse upon another creature, that curse now lasts until you finish raging. In addition, when a cursed creature you can see forces you to make a saving throw, but before the results of the roll have been announced, as a reaction, you may roll a Curse Mark Die and add the amount rolled to the saving throw.

Forsaken Body

Starting at 10th level, your body has begun to show signs of your increasing warped soul. You are now immune to diseases, gain resistance to necrotic damage, and magical items' curses no longer affect you. However, a remove curse spell must still be cast to unattune cursed magical items.


Starting at 14th level, you gain an additional reaction every turn to invoke the power of your curse mark. This reaction can only be used to either reduce a cursed creature's roll by your Curse Mark Die or add your Curse Mark Die to a saving throw from a cursed target.

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