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Design Note: Please be aware this is a very free form subclass that requires DM and player discussion due to bonus flexibility

Path of the Consumer[edit]

Hunter of Tastes

" Strength comes from within; your blood, bones and spirit are what give you power. We consumers simply tap into that power with each bite." -Zvier the Consumer


Starting at 3rd level through the consumption of your enemies you gain numerous bonuses. These manifest physically such as claws and enhanced strength,fangs or wings. This is meant for very free form shape changing characters though here is a list of general affects according to the type of creature.

   1.Abberation: Gain 30 ft of colored Darkvision.
   2.Beast: Gain claws (1d4+Str) and a +2 to the Strength.
   3.Celestials: Gain angelic wings and a flight speed of 20 ft. along with resistance to radiant damage.
   4.Constructs: Gain Rocky skin which gives a +2 to AC.
   5.Dragon: Gain elemental resistance depending on dragon type along with claws (1d4+Str) and scaly wings that give a flight speed of 30 ft.
   6.Elemental: Gain elemental immunity depending on elemental type.
   7.Fey: Gain the ability to use misty step as a bonus action with no cost 3 times per long rest.
   8.Fiend: Gain the ability to use hellish rebuke as a bonus action with no cost 3 times per long rest.
   9.Giant: Gain a +3 to Strength and +3 Constitution.
   10.Humanoid: Gain +1 to all attributes.
   11.Monstrosity: Gain a second set of arms and the extra attack feature.
   12.Plant: Skin becomes bark like, giving a +2 to AC.
   13.Undead: Resistance to Necrotic damage.

Any one bonus lasts until the consumption of a new creature or until you take a long rest. You must have fought this creature before it was felled in order to gain any bonuses.

Through Gritting Teeth

Starting at 3rd level you gain the ability to use bite attack 1d4 at 3rd, 1d6 at 6th, 1d8 at 10th, and 1d10 at 14th..

The Hunter

Starting at 6th level you gain the ability to innately predict your quarry's moves as long as you have consumed it before. Any specific creature you have consumed now gets a -2 penalty when attacking you due to your knowledge of how it acts. (i.e. if you have eaten a kobold they now get -2 to attack rolls against you)

Ritual of the Consumers

Starting at 10th level you gain the ability to prepare the creatures meat in order to give the bonuses to non-consumers. The bonus only lasts 2 hours and gives the user 1 state of exhaustion after transforming back to normal.

An Everlasting Flavor

Starting at 14th level you are now allowed to retain your consumed state for up to a week or until you choose to return to your normal form.

The Final Step

At 20th level you can now switch between any form you've previously consumed as an action on your turn. You may do this 3 times per long rest.

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