Path of the Broken Chains (5e Subclass)

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Path of the Broken Chains[edit]

Barbarian Subclass

I was destined to be a slave from birth until death, but the rage of a true barbarian cannot be imprisoned.
—Grumm of the Broken Chains

Some Barbarians were born imprisoned, but broke from their chains; now they can roam the world with their chains as a reminder of their past.

Bond of Hope

Your chains are no longer to hold you but to push you beyond yourself

Starting at 3rd level while in a rage you manifest spirit chains, you are proficient with them, they have reach, are two-handed and deal 2d4 psychic damage (2d6 at 6th, 2d8 at 10th and 3d8 at 14th) and are considered magical.


You have felt the pain of imprisonment and the mental challenges that ensue.

Starting 6th level, as a reaction, you may strike your ally with your chain dealing 1d4 psychic damage and giving advantage on the next saving throw against anything affecting the mind, (I.e. Sleep, Charm or mind Control) At level 10 they automatically succeed upon hit.

Wrath of the Imprisoned

You have channeled your rage effectively, funneling energy into your chains when you become exceedingly reckless.

Upon 10th level can change the damage type of your chains to one of the following, (acid, bludgeoning, cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, piercing, poison, psychic, radiant, slashing, and thunder) when using them in a reckless attack.

Along with this, as an action you can choose to grapple an enemy with your chains, on success at the start of their turn they taking your spirit chains damage, and have disadvantage on the first saving throw they make during that round.


Your chains are part of you, they keep you stable, without them; nothing can contain your impudent rage.

Starting at 14th level, once per long rest you may destroy your chains, enter a rage and gain your 6d12 + 5 temporary hit points. You are now always considered reckless attacking and your fists deal 2d8 magical damage of your choice. All these effects end after 1 minute or the rage ends. You take 1 level exhaustion and manifesting your chains give you an extra level of exhaustion until your next long rest.

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