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Path of the Broken Chains[edit]

Barbarian Subclass

The chains that break you, are the chains that make you. And the chains that make you, are the chains you break.
—Anthony Liccione

Beaten, battered, and berated. All things that come with the life of chained imprisonment. To those who truly believe in themselves however, the chains no longer become the object to which you are held down by. A true barbarian of rage and anger utilizes their past to repel all who wishes to hold them down.

A Few Picked-Up Tricks

As an imprisoned, you learn a thing or two from the superiors who took advantage of you.

You gain proficiency in Survival, (gaining expertise of you already had proficiency), one other skill proficiency that you do not have proficiency in, as well as 2 artisan tool proficiencies.

Chains of the Soul

The binding chains of your past have evolved into the freeing chains of your future.

Starting at 3rd level while in a rage, as an bonus action you can psychically manifest spiritual chains all along your torso and arms. These chains deal a damage type of your choosing from cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, or radiant. You may not change your chosen damage at any point. You are proficient with the chains when using them as weapons. They deal 2d6 damage total, 1d6 bludgeoning plus an additional d6 of your chosen damage plus your strength modifier, (2d8 at 6th, 2d10 at 10th and 2d12 at 14th) and have the reach property. The chains are also unbreakable. Your unarmed strikes do 1d6 bludgeoning damage while during this rage. As a reaction, you can increase your AC by half your rage bonus rounded down against attacks you can see. You can do this up to your Strength modifier amount times per rage. However, while the chains are active, your movement speed is decreased by 10 feet and you cannot wield heavy weapons. These chains, once activated, last as long as your rage is active.

Arcane Adaption

Starting at level 6, your chains are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity.

Chained Missile

The aggressive revenge dealt by the power of your chains knows no bounds.

Starting at 6th level, you may spend an action to spin your chain intensely and throw a chain link enchanted with your chosen damage at an enemy. The chain link has a range of 30/60 feet and deals 1d6 of your chosen damage and an additional damage die of the same type of force damage plus your Strength modifier. This increases to 2d8 at level 10, and 2d10 at level 14. On a hit, you can sacrifice your bonus action to force the creature attacked to make a Strength saving throw against a DC equal to your 8 + Your Proficiency + Your Strength Modifier. You may take a d12 of damage against yourself to add your rage damage bonus to the DC. On a fail, the enemy is can either be pushed 10 feet, knocked prone, or disarmed if they are wielding a weapon. When you use this feature, you may not take an extra attack.

Binding Vengeance

The chains you hold upon your body have become a symbol of your vengeance, as well as a tool for the righteous justice you deliver to whomever holds you down.

Starting at 10th level, as an action, you can send your chains into the ground and make them burst under a creature within 30 feet of you in order to restrain them in place. The creature has disadvantage when contesting the initial restrain if its size is Large, Medium or Small. While restrained, the enemy takes 1d10 your chosen damage damage plus rage damage bonus after the end of their own turn. As a reaction, you may tighten the chains around them, dealing an additional 1d8 of your chosen damage plus rage damage bonus to the grappled creature. During the restraining, your movement is reduced to 0 in order to keep the chains in place. If you are attacked while you are restraining the creature, attacks made against you have advantage and you must roll a Constitution saving throw in order to keep the creature restrained. When they are released or break out of the chains, they are burned and marked by the justice of the chains. Attack rolls made on the marked creature have advantage for 1 minute. You may use this once every short rest. This increased to twice at 14th level.

Break the Chains

No matter the villain, your chains obliterate all who stand in your way.

The chains are restraining of the unadulterated unbridled rage and power that you possess. Only when you find the strength to break those chains can you attain true power.

Starting at 14th level, during a rage, you may take an action to break your spiritual chains, emitting a sound heard from up to 60 feet away and granting an array of features.

  • You gain 6d10 + Con Mod temporary hit points, which go away when your rage ends.
  • You gain a bonus to attack rolls equal to your rage damage bonus.
  • Unarmed strikes do 2d10 bludgeoning damage plus 1d8 of your chosen damage plus Strength.
  • Your speed increases by 20 feet and you are unaffected by difficult terrain.
  • You gain resistance to all forms of damage and immunity to your chosen damage.
  • When any spell or attack made against you moves you from your current occupied space, the feet you are forced to move is halved. If you were to move 5 feet, you do not move at all.
  • When using your reaction to increase your AC, apply your full rage bonus instead half.
  • Whenever you make an attack roll, roll a DC 15 wisdom saving throw to discern friend from foe during your rage. On a failed save, you do not attack the creature you intended to attack and instead attack the creature closest to you. If the creature you attack is non-hostile towards you, they have to make a Persuasion or Deception check against your frenzy DC. The DC can be lowered depending on the relationship between you and the attacked. If the same creature is attacked again during the frenzy, they have advantage on the Persuasion or Deception roll.

All these effects are active as long as you are raging. During this rage, Binding Vengeance and Chained Missile are unusable as your chains are currently broken. When the rage is finished, you take 2 levels of exhaustion, your strength and dexterity scores are set to 6 for 1d10 hours and you cannot manifest your chains until after a long rest.

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