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Mitzusaka Style[edit]

Mitzusaka style is named after the developer and lone master of the style, Mitzusaka Eizo. Eizo was a grandmaster monk who mastered all of the twelve fighting styles (My 4 homebrew, 8 from UA). He died in the battle against the Quasi-deity assassin, Aurann Mirar. Realizing he couldn't defeat Aurann, Eizo used his life as a component to summon a great balor, banishing Aurann to the Nine Hells forever. He left no known records of his fighting style. It's near impossible to develop, but if you could here's how:

1st-Level Skill Bonus: Concentration.

1st-Level Feat: Blind-Fight.

2nd-Level Feat: Superior Expertise.

6th-Level Feat: Rapid Metabolism.

6th-Level Bonus Ability: Mitzusaka Mastery of Paths.

  • Cobra Fang (Cobra Strike): Cobra Fang allowed Eizo to make a single extra attack at his full base attack bonus.
  • Undefeated Stance (Denying Stance): Whenever Eizo took a total defense stance, he gained a bonus to AC equal to his monk level.
  • Third Eye (Invisible Eye): Eizo had Blindsight up to a 20-ft. radius.
  • Caught in the Flow (Passive Way): Eizo could make a single standard action after a failed action against him.
  • Blink (Sleeping Tiger): Eizo could effectively disappear after attacking by distracting the opponent's focus. The opponent loses his Dexterity bonuses during that round.
  • Damage Reduction (Undying Way): Eizo had a damage reduction of 3/--.
  • Energy Ki (Ki'seichuu): Eizo could change the energy type of his ki attacks.
  • Universal Proficiency (Choubatsu): Eizo was proficient with all weapons, but the special monk weapons list stays the same.
  • Magic Inversion (Tsuriai): Eizo could enhance the opposite energy to a point where the spells are inversed or reflected. Haste is turned to slow; Enlarge Person changes to Reduce Person; Fireball is reflected; etc.
  • Wounding Strike (Suraisu): Eizo's attacks were similar to a wounding weapon.
  • Sacrificial Wish (Mitzusaka style): Eizo could use the wish spell at will. Instead of sacrificing experience and material components, Eizo sacrificed aspects of his body. Sacrifice of Sight (once), Life force (+10 years per casting, +50 for longer living classes, +100 for elves), Memory, Ability scores (-10 per use), or Friendship (Murdering his friends).

Prerequisites: Mastery of all twelve monk fighting styles, Combat Expertise.

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