Path of Hoodoo Will (5e Subclass)

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Path of Hoodoo Will[edit]

A path for those Barbarians that wished they were some sort of magical creature so much that their shear will power gives them unique abilities.


At 3rd level when you choose this path, you gain +2 to hit and damage rolls while raging. This bonus changes to +3 if you use reckless attack. Furthermore while raging, you deal an extra Force Damage equal to your half Barbarian level.


At 6th level, your force of will enters into attackers. All enemies that strike you in melee combat take Force damage equal to your Rage Damage Bonus.


At 10th level, When you take damage while Raging from a creature within 60ft, that creature take Force damage equal your Rage Damage Bonus. Furthermore, when you enter to your rage you gain temporary hit points equal your Barbarian level.

Conquering spirit

At 14th level while raging, any creature who attempts to target you with a harmful effect must first make a Wisdom saving throw, on a failure that creature is unable to do this harmful effect, and they becomes frightened. A creature frightened by this effect automatically fails this save. An affected creature can repeat the save at the end of each of their turns ending the effect on a success. On a success the creature is able to do harmful effects, but no matter the damage type you gain resistance against it until the end of your next turn.

(DC = equal to 8 + your Strength modifier + Proficiency Bonus)

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