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Path of Blinding Rage[edit]

Female Goliath, Wizards of the coast

Frenzy Fury[edit]

Starting when you choose this path at 3rd level, while you are raging, when you take the attack action, you make an additional weapon attack against a random creature within your reach whenever you make a melee weapon attack. If you end up attacking the same creature you targeted with your regular attack, the attack roll is made with disadvantage.

Crazed Battleborn[edit]

At level 6th, you gain resistance to psychic damage, while raging, you become immune to the charmed and frightened condition

Maniac Fighting[edit]

Starting at level 10, targeting you with a melee weapon attacks, moving whithin your reach and moving inside your reach provokes an opportunity attack for you. While raging opportunity attacks don’t use your reaction, however, whenever you can make an opportunity attack, you will make an opportunity attack, even against allied creatures. Creatures that already have been targeted for an opportunity attack you made this round don’t provoke opportunity attacks from you.

Overcoming Affection[edit]

At level 14, when you roll initiative, choose one allied creature, it gains the following benefits for up to 10 minutes:

  • It doesn't provoke opportunity attacks from you.
  • It can't be targeted by a weapon attack from your Frenzy Fury feature.

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