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Good Deities[edit]

Deity Alignment Suggested Domain Common Symbol
Lotus, goddess of life and nature Neutral Good Life, Nature, Tempest Pink Lotus behind a green circle
Soluna, goddess of the sun and moon Lawful Good Light, Arcana Crescent moon setting on the horizon with the sun rising behind it
Levi, goddess of the seas and depths Chaotic Good Tempest, Nature Anchor floating on the surface
Thundrake, god of lightning and storms Chaotic Neutral Tempest, Light Black lightning bolt
Chronosoul, god of time Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Grave, Death Hourglass running out
Huntressa, goddess of hunting and animals Chaotic Good Nature, Trickery, Knowledge Antlers strung like a bow
Aengrave, god of death and the afterlife Lawful Neutral Death, Grave Bones in a cross with a rose in the middle
Evergreen, god of winter Lawful Neutral Arcana, Death, Nature Seven sparkling snowflakes
Cirrus, god of clouds and the sky Neutral Good Tempest, War, Light Angel wings with a cloud halo
Amare, goddess of love Lawful Good Light, Knowledge Heart with a cross behind it.

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