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Paladin Mount from first level[edit]

If you look at the Paladin's Mount table closely, you'll notice that the mount already comes with some major bonuses, such as more HD, Strength and natural armor. So it would be possible to grant a Paladin one of his signature abiities, the mount, earlier already, even at first level. The main difference is that he does not have to spend 400 gold for a heavy warhorse (which he would after the first adventure). Apart from that, it's mostly flavor, and it helps the Paladin to define his role earlier.

It also allows you to introduce more exotic mounts earlier and more easily. In the table below, I'll include mounts, and the base level from which they should be available. I'll also include mounts for Paladins of other alignments (as per UA).

The Paladin's Mount[edit]

Reworked Paladin Mount table
Paladin Level Bonus HD Natural
Armor Adj.
Str Adj. Int Special
Base level +0 +0 +0 4 empathic link
Base level +2 +1 +2 +0 5 evasion, share saving throws
Base level +4 +2 +4 +1 6 improved evasion, share spells
Base level +7 +4 +6 +2 7 Improved speed
Base level +10 +6 +8 +3 8 Command creatures of its kind
Base level +14 +8 +10 +4 9 Spell resistance
Mount Base level Paladin Size Alignment
warpony 1 small any
riding dog 1 small any
heavy warhorse 1 medium any
Medium shark 1 small any
Large shark 1 medium any

More creatures will be added later.

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