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<Pact of Dozan>[edit]

Warlock Subclass

Pact of Dozan Expanded Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st armor of agathys, hellish rebuke
2nd darkness, mind spike
3rd summon lesser demons, vampiric touch
4th summon greater demon, dimension door
5th circle of death, infernal calling
Grace of Dozan

Starting at 1st level, your patron can channel Infernal energy through your body. As a bonus action, you can touch a weapon to turn it magical, dealing an additional 1d4 Necrotic damage on hit. This effect expires after 1d6 rounds, and once you use this feature it may not be used again until you finish a short or long rest. In addition, you gain proficiency with Religion when rolling against Infernal basis. If you are already proficient, your proficiency bonus is doubled.

Unforgiving and Undying

Starting at 6th level, whenever you cast armor of agathys, spirit guardians, infernal calling, or summon greater demon, its duration is doubled. You can expend a spell slot as an action to heal a Fiend you can see within 120 feet for 4d10 hit points; once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a long rest.

Demonic Siphon

Starting at 10th level, you learn to better channel your patron's Infernal nature. You gain resistance to Necrotic damage. In addition, whenever you take Necrotic damage, the amount of damage you do not take due to this resistance becomes temporary hit points (after damage is taken.) For example, if an attack targeting you would deal 12 Necrotic damage, you take 6 due to your resistance, and after this damage is taken, you gain 6 temporary hit points.

Ultimate Sacrifice

At 14th level, four demonic wings sprout from your back. You permanently gain a flying speed of 60 feet. Your weapon attacks count as magical, and you deal an additional 3d12 Fire or Cold damage on hit. In order to reach level 14 in the class, however, you must sacrifice one of the same alignment. On a d100 roll, the table is as follows:

1-20: Catastrophic Failure:

Lose 2 levels in the Warlock class, and take 3d20 Damage.

21-40: Failure:

The spell fails, but at no cost to you.

41-60: Success:

The spell succeeds, but only partially. Deal an additional 1d12 instead.

61-90: Nigh-Flawless Success:

The spell succeeds completely, and you gain the full benefits of the Sacrifice.

91-100: Flawless Success:

The spell succeeds flawlessly, and you gain an additional 60 feet of flight speed, and you deal an additional 1d12 Fire or Cold damage, for a total of 4d12.

Unique Invocations

Dozans Gaze (requires Pact of Dozan, level 7)

You gain truesight for 60 feet and can cast detect evil and good at will.

Infernal Comprehension (requires Pact of Dozan, level 14)

You know when you hear a lie, and are able to make an Intimidation check against the target with advantage to coerce them out of such damning deeds.

Unholy Healer (requires Pact of Dozan)

The cure wounds spell is added to your expanded spell list.

Purification by Fire (requires Pact of Dozan)

Once per day, you can spend a spell slot and touch a willing creature to remove all poison and disease from it. The target takes 2d4 damage from this as fire purges the intoxicants from their veins.

Blazing Dice (requires Pact of Dozan, Pact of the Tome, Level 5)

You can spend 1 hour reading your Pact Tome. When you do, roll 2d20. You may replace the result of any of your d20 rolls for the rest of the day with the result of that roll. This feature can be used again after a short or long rest.

Demonic Handler (Requires Pact of Dozan, Pact of the Chain) You are able to focus more innately on your familiar, gaining the ability to cast spells through them. Touch spells can be cast through their hands, and you can see through their eyes when your own are closed. Only viable up to a range of 60ft, attacks made beyond that suffer disadvantage up to 120ft, and any attacks beyond that are impossible.

Abyssal Blade (Requires Pact of Dozan, Pact of the Blade) You infuse your next strike with the strength of Dozan, forcing the target to make a DC18 Dexterity save or be knocked prone from the sheer force of the attack.

Sacrifice of Magic

Sacrificing magic items earns boons and reward from Dozan depending on the item quality. See the table below;

Common -> 5% Chance for a reward
Uncommon -> 20% Chance for a reward
Rare -> 50% Chance for a reward
Very Rare -> 70% Chance for a reward
Legendary -> 90% Chance for a reward

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