Overwhelming Flame (4e Feat)

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Overwhelming Flame [Racial]

You impose your burning passion into your evocative fire tactics
Prerequisite: charr race, Flame legion
Benefit: You gain the overwhelming flame power

Overwhelming Flame Feat Power
With a burst of fiery fervor, you push your fire power to the limit and beyond.
Daily Star.gif fire
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You may add your Charisma, Intelligence, or Strength Modifier to the attack roll and damage roll of any Power or Spell with a Fire keyword until the end of your turn. This cannot be the same Modifier as what you normally use for the Attack or Damage Roll for said power (for example if you use a Sorcerer Power that uses Charisma for Attack and/or Damage Rolls, you must use your Strength or Intelligence as the bonus for this Feat when activated)
Level 11: You may use this power twice

Level 21: You may use it up to three times

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