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Oval Mace: The Oval Mace from Goblins

An oval mace IS a hammer!

Forged by dwarven clerics thousands of years ago, this mace looks like a closed stone fist atop a metal handle wrapped in cloth. It was sealed in the Maze of Many recently, until removed by Forgath, another dwarven cleric. He is currently using it to combat a number of powerful goblins.

The mace has two methods of equipping it, and switching between the two is a swift action. As a mace, it is considered a +2 Holy Heavy Mace, and deals damage as if Large. If the user inserts his hand into the fist, the fist detaches and acts as a gauntlet granting a +3 sacred bonus to armor class, while the handle emits a holy symbol, granting +3 to spell save DC's and effective level for turning.
Moderate Abjuration, Enchantment; CL 10; Weight: 10 lbs

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