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Orichalcum is a fictional material referenced in the White Wolf, Inc. role-playing game Exalted.

It is one of the five magical materials wielded by Exalted characters. Orichalcum is associated with the Unconquered Sun and the Solar Exalted. Orichalcum is rarely found in pure deposits; It sometimes gathers in places where the sun favors the land with its sweetest light, and is a beautiful golden color. When manufactured, it is created out of gold that has been heated by lava and sunlight reflected from mirrors of occult design. Orichalcum weapons excel at no one thing; instead of adding a large bonus to speed, damage or defense, they add a small bonus to all.

See also[edit]

  • Soulsteel - The terrible cursed material of the Abyssal Exalted.
  • Moonsilver - The mercurial substance of Luna and her Lunar Exalted.
  • Starmetal - The shining white metal of the Five Maidens and the Sidereal Exalted.
  • Jade - The stony resource of the Terrestrial Exalted.

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