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Of all the warrior societies in Kingdoms Kared may not seem as sophisticated as the Shogunate art of war techiques with gunfire and solid ranks! But they excell in motivation, loyality and fanaticism. The Knights where created by Kared long ago from an army of teen gods and the armies of Kashamurian warriors. Kared forbid marriage and profane procreation and thus procreated his spiritualy pure army from virgin birth.This allowed him to collect all property and distrubute his lands to his most loyal soldiers. Only when he had united and created a pure race marriage was again legal under a breeding program managed by the church. All the royal and noble lines have magical blood actually marking a true inherent nobility. All noble children grow up with a sense of being authority figures and develop aggressive dominant personalities.

Order of the Crown of Wisdom
  • God:Golden Shield
  • Type:Monotheistic.
  • Core beliefs:

The ways of wisdom is the “mysterious ways”, the seeming paradoxes and chaos is gods way to test the faith full and purge the weak. Wisdom is to obey the will of God without thinking, without understanding and without existing. To be good person you have purge yourself of your individuality and in so doing you become God.

Order of Evangelies of Ascendance
  • God:Unkown.
  • Type:polytheistic.

Core beliefs: These Knights of order are dedicated to seeking knowlegde of personal potential. They are seeking rightous pride and confidence, perfectonism, and elitism, above all they seek patronage over urbanisation. Glory is a measure of rightious boosted confidence and forgivable arrogance! Excell in worldy skill leads to the excellence of the soul. Each knight is seen as having a protential made of limits and strenghts that. To know your own potential is to be proud and confident. The order is dedicated to social change, to gradual change of countries and individuals to greater Altruism is not self-denial, altruism is to learn, life and grow to become more than a selfish and simple person.

Order of Dilligence and Justice
  • God:Golden Shield
  • Core beliefs:

Evil is weakness and thus all strenght comes from God. The sword is the only law to the heretics. There are no other laws that our king and God rules over all Kings. All heretics must be slain and all laws must feel the wight of the sword. Their fate is predermined by the Lord.

Order of the Grace of Beautitudes
  • God:unknown
  • Core beliefs:

The order cultivate and idealise disgust for the weak in disguise as compassion. They idealise weakness whilebeing stronger themselves. They are the patrons of heretical fanatic cults that are against the status que. They teach that weakness is the essence of change, adaption and through this conformity the sensitive neuvrotic wrecks creates a strong society. The Knights cultivate dependency and low self-esteem in the lower classes to increase their power. They have an ability to make the weak in society to truly love the knights out of fear for them, fear that the Knights would stop protecting them or starting to abuse them.

The Order of Mercy
  • Core beliefs:
  • The Knights dedicated to Mercy, observes the costum

of spearing their enemies for a price. In addition the speared foe must convert to the orders religon. The surrendered may then be turned for ransom with an oath of not fighting the order again within a time period. The prisoner may even be recruited by the order.

Order of Fundamentalistus.
  • God:Golden Shield
  • Core beliefs:

Traditonalists and masters of sacret scriptures. They are the patrons of fantacic and extremist cults of the status que. Many believes the are but a part of the order of the Crown. For a brother of Fundamentalistus there is a fundament of the spirit and the material. The basic order of the world is tradition,law and conformity the old. Age of a King and not what he does or who he is is the true measure of wisdom. The age of culture or tradition is the proof of its superiority over younger nations.

Knights of True Kingdoms By Gods Grace
  • God:Golden Shield
  • Core beliefs:

The Order of Thyrants, of stability and unifromity. Many believes the are but a part of the order of the Crown

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