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Order's Lance: A ranged weapon, forged in Mechanus to bring order to chaos
Strong Evocation [lawful]; CL 20; Weight: 4

Order's Lance
This bizarre, almost abstract device has led hundreds into battles against chaos

This mysterious weapon was originally held by Qual-Tek, perhaps the most powerful Inevitable known to have existed. Its origin remains a mystery, despite centuries of study by various scholars; it seems to be tied to the origins of Inevitables, and possibly even Mechanus itself. The device was lost when Qual-Tek was defeated by Ygorl, the Slaad God of Entropy. However, Order's Lance has surfaced a number of times throughout history, wielded by powerful champions of order as they battled the forces of chaos. Paladins and clerics of lawful deities scour the multiverse of Order's Lance, hoping to lead armies against chaos.

Order's Lance is equivalent to a +5 Axiomatic Power Hand Crossbow, except as noted below:

Order's Lance deals 2d10 damage on a successful strike, before counting damage from its +5 bonus and any additional damage from the Axiomatic Power Enchantment

The device unleashes pure, unrelenting magical force with each strike. It does not use bolts, or any other ammunition. However, one of the internal rings of the weapon must be activated by hand each round that it is to be used. This action is equivalent to reloading a crossbow, and requires a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity (this is reduced to a free action if the wielder has the rapid reload feat). If the user is struck by an attack of opportunity, he must make a DC 15 concentration check, or the device releases torrent of destructive energy, dealing 2d6 damage to all targets within 5' of the wielder. Order's Lance will not be able to fire until the next round.

Order's Lance can be intentionally set to detonate as a full-round action. At the end of the action, it detonates, dealing 5d10 damage to everything within 20 feet, and 2d10 damage within the next 20 feet. Order's Lance will not be able to fire for 3 rounds following an intentional detonation.

In order to destroy Order's Lance, it must be brought to the absolute antithesis to its existence; namely, the Spawning Stone of the Slaad, located in the center of the Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo. Once there, it must be crushed by the god who struck down Qual-Tek, Ygorl. The matter is complicated by the Slaad: while they want to destroy the device, the Slaad cannot stand to have it anywhere near themselves, let alone their birthplace.

Note: Art credit goes to Alexander Bruce of Antichamber

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