Orcish Warband (Zokusho's Sword Supplement)

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Don-Dul, barbarian 13.
4x Orc Barbarian 8
4x Orc Warrior 1


Random Encounter Tactics[edit]

The Warband is encountered either upon the open plains (if a random encounter) or at the preset ambush shortly before the temple (in the foothills of Mt. Ellismere). The party will likely spot the Orcs from far away (and vice-versa), so both sides will have time to prepare before the battle. If the Orcs loose two of the level 8 barbarians, they attempt to withdraw. Further, Don-Dul withdraws if dropped below half hit points (after using a potion of cure moderate wounds), though he promises retribution in Common.

Final Confrontation Tactics[edit]

Don-Dul is likely one of the only Orcish characters currently left alive during this scenario. If not, nothing important changes. As the heroes leave the Tomb (after retrieving the sword), they are ambushed by the Warband. Here, Don-Dul fights to the death.

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