Orc Ironthorn Armour (3.5e Equipment)

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Orc Ironthorn Armor: Crude armor made of ironthorn skin, enchanted to provide excellent defense, hydration and grappling damage.

Weak Enchantment;CL 5; Craft Magical Arms and Armor; Weight: 35 lbs lb.

Based on Tales from my D&D Campaign.

This Full Plate is crudely built but extremely effective. It has a +2 enchantment bonus, an additional +2 to Natural Armor, and is considered to have +1 Large Armor Spikes that cause poisoning (Fort DC 23, paralysis 1d4 min/2d4 Con). Additionally, it allows for hydration as a Hydration Suit, and grants a +4 bonus to Intimidate. However, it restricts movement even more than normal full plate, to 15 feet per round, and deals 1 damage to the user whenever he runs.

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