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Most psions are cunning, ingenious warriors. But even the best can fall...and some fall to gain a chance to rise again.

At any time after the character has 5 ranks in Knowlege(History) or (Psionics) and the ability to manifest any energy power, a player can begin meditation. After 1 hour of uninterrupted meditation, the player can choose to permanantly spend 6 powerpoints to melt his entire body. The player can then turn into any ooze with HD equal to or less than his own. The ooze you transform into has your HP-4.

This procedure melts one's original body in exchange for combining the new body with energy from your psionics. You lose some intelligence, but become physically more able.

Your stats are:

Dex= The average of the dex score of the ooze you become and your score (minimum 10)

Str= The str score of the ooze you become

Con= The average of the con score of the ooze you become and your score

Int= Your score

Wisdom= -- You reformat your mind to be purely calculating. This gains you yout int bonus on will saving throws instead of wisdom,and gains you immunity to fear affects, illusions, and patterns.

Cha= Your score-3xHD of the ooze you become, as oozes are very ugly. (Minimum 8)

You gain blindsight 60 feet, but lose your normal vision (including darkvision) You lose your ability to talk. However, you can clap your hands, making a squishing noise as loud as a wordless shout. Instead of acid damage, you deal the type of energy damage of your last energy spell. You gain the slam attack of the ooze you become. You gain all extraordinary abilities of the ooze, but no supernatural or spell-like abilities. You cannot wear armor as an ooze, but gain 1 point of natural armor, and get half your int bonus to AC. Any immunities you had before changing become resistance 5 to that energy type. If you had wings before you changed, you reform then out of your ooze. However, your speed decreases by 10 feet and the maneuverability drops to clumsy. These wings take 1 full round to grow or retract. You also gain the split extraordinary ability: Split (Ex): Slashing and piercing weapons deal NORMAL damage to you. Also, you split into two smaller but identical oozes, each with half of the original’s current hit points (after the hit)(round down). Both halves attack on the same round, but can attack different targets. Your melee damage is halved for each ooze. A player may only be in 4 pieces at once, and may not split if you have 10 hit points or less. You die if reduced to -10 hit points. You can reform as a full-round action. You get +2 to esape artist checks. You can change into a cube shape and hop around at a base land speed of 30 feet. By hopping on someone, you deal automatic slam and elemental damage.

As a grey ooze, you gain +4 to hide checks. As a black pudding you gain +8 to intimidate checks. As a genius loci, you gain a +20 bonus to intimidate, bluff, and jump checks.

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