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Magic of Faerûn Reference Book[edit]

You are a magic being. The magic is you.

Lore and Conditions[edit]

One with magic is a condition bestowed by a god of magic upon certain entities or persons possessing great potential for magic. There are no more then ten individuals in the world who hold this condition, but the ones they have in common are true love for magic and spontaneity in teaching or being taught on mystical subjects. Usually these people are born underprivileged of material possessions, possessing an unparalleled talent among their peers and from early on have a very strong bond with one of the magical deities.

  • One with magic individuals cannot harm directly or indirectly another one with magic chosen. Their love for magic united all the individuals that acquire this template.
  • Becoming or Acquiring One with Magic Template it's not a decision to take lightly. '''The template has 0 LA, but comes with a lot drawbacks'''.

Size and Type[edit]

Any Size or Type.

You need choose a Caster Class (Sorcerer,Wizard, Bard, Cleric or Druid) at your first level.

  • Cannot be any variants. Must be the base class.

You need worship a deity with Magic or Knowledge Portfolio (Portfolio is not domain). Only Magic or Knowledge Portfolio Deities can grant the One with Magic Status.

You can't have a noble or rich ascendancy (but you can become noble or rich after you started the game, yet you cannot become greed).

You can`t start your game with more money that your starting gold (level based).

Hit Dice[edit]

Same as the base creature/class/template.


Same as the base creature/class/template.

Armor Class[edit]

Same as the base creature/class/template.


Same as the base creature/class/template.

Special Qualities[edit]

Class and Multiclass Banishment: The following classes are forbiden for One with Magic: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger and Paladin. Any *strong variant of those classes as well are forbidden.

  • A strong variant is those classes or prestige classes that have more than 50% similarity with the forbidden ones.

Heavy Banishment: You can't have heavy armor proficience or tower shield proficience.

  • If any class or race give the ability to use heavy armor or a tower shield, don't give anymore.

Medium Banishment: You can't have medium armor proficience.

  • If any class or race give the ability to use medium armor, don't give anymore.

Multiclass Restriction: You can only multiclass with caster classes or a class that has a strong magic variant (50%+1 of that class is magic related)

Illiterate Grace (Ex): Any other caster (Wizard exception) gain two aditional spell of each level as bonus spell to use (0 to 9th).

  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 14+.


Scholar Grace (Ex): After the Int Score of a Wizard Reaches 20, every two Int points increased, you receive one more spell from each spell level as bonus spell to use (0 to 9th).

  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 20+.

Knowledge from the World (Ex): You can level any skills as if was a class skill. You can rank skills up to 4 grades beyond your current level.

  • Requirement: Int 16+.

Early Ending(Ex): Instead of spend XP (on spells that require xp cost) or components/materials, you can choose (for each spell you cast this way) remove 6 life months of your race/class/template life expectancy for xp requirement or 1 life month for components/materials requirement.

  • If your life expectancy is 100 years old, every use will reduce six months of that total. You can repay double of the xp amount you would spent and recover the life expectancy loss. You can't recover life expectancy loss using for surpass the components/materials requirement.
  • Requirement: Int16+, Cha16+, Wis16+.

Natural Magic (Su): Spells per day are now Spells per Rest.

  • Does not require 8 hours of meditation if you can fully rest in less time.
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 16+. Second Ability on 15+, Third Ability on 14+. (The three abilities must be Cha, Int and Wis)

Ultimate Spell Mastery (Ex): You can prepare spells from memory .

  • After you put your spell for the first time in your spellbook, you memorize the spell for life.
  • You still require a spellbook, tho, if you lose your spellbook you can remake one with all spells you already put in your lost spellbook, since you already memorized all.
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 18+.

Caster Resistance (Ex): You can add your caster level at your Spell Resistance value plus half of you caster level +1

  • stack with any other value.
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 20+.

Magic Feat Mastery (Ex): Any use of a feat/Metafeat/Spell like ability/ability or combination between that would use a higher or lower slot of a spell level, don't use anymore, neither increase any additional costs (use the same as original spell and keep the same cost as the base spell).

  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 22+.
  • At the caster will, he can choose apply the caster higher or lower level.

Range Touch Mastery (Ex): You gain +6 on rolls that requires ranged touch tests.

  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 22+.
  • Stack with final spell mastery ability.

Quickened Mastery(Su): Any spell can be quickened. You can cast two more spells per round.

  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 24+.

Persistent Expert (Su): The caster restriction level to cast a persistent spell is reduce by 6. You can treat your caster level as 6+ for the effect of dispel persistent magic cast by other. For a opponent dispel a spell that you cast, he must have 6+1 casters levels above yours. You can make any spell persistent.

  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 24+.

Counterspell Mastery (Ex): Countering a spell don't waste prepared spell slot anymore. You lose 2 temporary hit point for each spell counter this way. The amount you can use this power per day is equal the Spell/day limit+CasterLevel+Int Mod. You can have removed the spell per day restriction paying 5 temporary hit points for use.

  • The loss of this hit points cannot be healed in any other way unless taking a full rest.
  • The use of this costs no action to perform.
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 26+.

Spontaneous Grace(Ex): After the proper caster ability (Int, Cha or Wis) reaches the Score of 26, every two score points incresead, let you spontaneous cast (don't need prepare anymore) two spells from each spell level (0 to 9th).

  • This still use the spell per rest limity and still use one free spell slot. (This not apply for Bards and Sorcerers, read the next Special Quality)
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 26+.


Spell Increased Grace(Ex): After the Cha ability reaches the Score of 26, every two score points increased, you gain extra two aditional spells of each spell level (0 to 9th).

  • This apply only for Bards and Sorcerers
  • Requirement: Cha 26+.

Natural Caster Expertise (Ex): You can cast spells of three caster levels higher then yours, as if you had three levels above your current level. The virtual level apply for every requirement or roll that the spell requires, as damage/level, range/level, area/level, as well for resist other spells effects etc.

  • For all purposes (spells per day, slots, costs, bonuses) you have three more levels. This applies only magic system interactions. Does not apply for saves, HD, or any other things that is not magic related. Applys to spell penetration and spell resistance, since are magic system related.
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 28+.

Final Spell Mastery (Su): When the spell requires any roll besides the spellcraft (hit, concetration pre/pos casting, surpass spell resistance, ranged touch attack and any other aplicable effect) check you gain a bonus of +6 on that roll .

  • Stack with other bonuses .
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 30+.

Ultimate Irresistible Spell (Ex): All Saving Throws an opponent must make against all spells that you cast have the difficulty increased by your spellcraft skill divided by 2.

  • If you have 20 at spellcraft skill, the DC of all saving throws are increase by 10.
  • If a spell you cast are turned against you, you can add your full spellcraft skill score for the saving throw DC to negate.
  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 31+.

Ultimate Spell Penetration (Ex): You can add 4+your caster level a second time (without natural caster expertise special quality)

  • Requirement: Spellcaster appropriate ability 32+.

About Special Qualities[edit]

  • Once you reach the Spell caster appropriate ability you gain the special quality even if your Spellcaster appropriate ability become reduced for any reason.
  • Spellcaster appropriate ability is the ability used to cast spells.
  • All special abilities stack with any other bonus or value.


Str -4, Int +4 Wis+4 Cha+4 (This abilities stacks with all other effects, races, classes or templates)


Skill points at first level (8 + Int mod) x6

Skill points: 3 x Int mod.

Concetration: +6


You gain the following Feats: at 1st level: Able Learner, Arcane Mastery (you have a minimum of 10 on rolls)and Eschew Materials, at 2nd level: Still Spell and Silent Spell, at 3rd level: Extend Spell and Quicken Spell, at 4th level: Persistent Spell and Enlarge Spell, at 5th level: Delay Spell and Selective Spell, at 6th level: Twin Spell and Repeat Spell, at 8th level: Widen Spell and Blistering Spell, at 10th level: Entangling Spell and Lingering Spell, at 12th level: Your choice and your choice.

  • Since you spent so much time studing or practicing, starting at level 5, when you choose adquire the feats of higher levels, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, your STR cannot exceed 16, 14, 12, 10 and 8 respectively. At level 12, if you choose receive this template feat, you cannot have more then 8 on STR. If you have any value above, your STR will be reduce to 8.
  • Only spells can rise your STR score above the limit.

Challenge Rating[edit]


Without the Size and Type restrictions: +7

Without the Banishment and class/multiclass restriction: +9

Without the special qualities requirements: +10

Without the STR limitations: +7

Without all drawbacks: +15


Permanent Ring of Sustenance on little finger of the left hand. If you lose the ring (including damage, stealing or any other effect) for any means, he will appear in your finger in 1d4 days.

  • If you lose the little finger in your left hand, he will appear as a ring in any other finger that does not already have a ring.
  • Only spells of 9th can dispel or destruct the item. The item must be the target of the spell.


Lawful. Non Chaotic. Non (True) Neutral.

  • Magic can be good or evil, but never are neutral or without order.

Level Adjustment[edit]


Without the Size and Type restrictions: +1

Without the Banishment and class/multiclass restriction: +3

Without the special qualities requirements: +4

Without the STR limitations: +1

Without all: +9

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