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Occult Arts[edit]

By spending 15 ki points, as a part of a melee attack, you may inflict a random condition to your target. Roll a d100 to determine the effect.

The target may make a Will save to resist. You gain a +4 to checks to overcome spell resistance with this technique.

The conditions are in the following table:

D100 Result Effect
1 You suffer the effect, instead of the target.

If you rolled a 100 you suffer two effects.

2-6 Blinded
7-10 Confused
11-17 Dazed
18-22 Deafened
23-27 Disabled
28-32 One Negative Level

(This effect lasts 24 hours than fades away.

Multiple results stack with eachother)

33-39 Entangled
40-44 Exhausted
45-51 Fascinated

(This effect lasts one minute, unless broken)

52-58 Fatigued
59-65 Flat-Footed
66-72 Knocked Down
73-77 Panicked
78-84 Pinned
85-91 Shaken
92-96 Staggered
97-99 Unconscious
100 Roll twice.

Reroll further 100 and equal results.

You may affect only one target per round.

The effects last one round if not otherwise stated.

You may increase the duration of effects calcolated in rounds by one round per additional point spent, up to 5 rounds total.

This counts as a supernatural ability.

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