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she was once a mere Human whom challenged Exaka during his rule In The Damned City.

Exaka Much more powerful than nril Almost slayed her With one swing from his flaming falcon, But Nril Set up a trap that would Enslave him into a magical trinket she made while planing the fight, as he swung his falcon Niril blocked the blow with this trinket absorbing him into it, Nril Now wears this trinket round her neck giving her the power of Exaka some say that if one were to break this trinket he would come back into existence.

The symbol of Nril is a red flag with a white outline of a naked woman holding a falcon.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

There are only churches of nril in The Damned City, but small shrines may be around statues of naked women with necklaces around it

Clerics get blessings of fire, Gold, Beauty and trickery from her



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