Not So Fragile Glass Cannon Gish (5e Optimized Character Build)

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Human Variant (+1 str, +1 cha)

Starting stats
Level progression
This build gets the following
  • Use the dmg spell point variant for spells
  • Skill: One extra skill proficiency of your choosing
  • Feat: One bonus feat of your choosing (warcaster)
  • Sorcerous Origin: Wild Magic
  • Wild Magic Surge: You can randomly cause a wild magic surge after casting a 1st level or higher spell
  • Tides of Chaos: Gain advantage on one attack roll, saving throw or ability check per day
  • War Caster: You gain advantage on concentration vs damage, can still cast while holding weapons, and can cast a single target 1 action spell as an opportunity attack
  • Second Wind: Heal 1d10 + level hit points as a bonus action (once between rests)
  • Fighting Style - Great Weapon Fighting: Reroll 1's and 2's on two-handed melee weapon damage dice
  • Font of Magic: You have 4sorcery points used to alter spells and regain spell slots
  • Empowered Spell: You can reroll up to Cha mod damage dice for 1 sorcery point and can use this with other metamagic
  • Quickened Spell: You can use a bonus action to cast a spell normally cast as an action for 2 sorcery points
  • Otherworldly Patron: The Fiend
  • Expanded Spell List: The spells burning hands and command are added to the warlock spell list for you
  • Dark One's Blessing: You gain Cha mod + your warlock level temporary hp when you reduce a creature to 0hp
  • Agonizing Blast: Your eldritch blast does Cha mod extra damage
  • Armor of Shadows: You don't use a spell slot when casting mage armor on yourself
  • Action Surge: Take an extra action once between rests
  • Martial Archetype: Eldritch Knight
  • Weapon Bond: Form a magical bond with a weapon (see rules)
  • Divine Sense: As an action, detect the location of any celestial, fiend or undead and any consecrated or desecrated place or object within 60 feet (1 + Cha mod per day)
  • Lay on Hands: Gain a reservoir of healing power (10), and as an action, you can heal a creature you touch by draining that power. You can also cure one poison or disease from the creature by sacrificing 5hp from the reservoir
  • Divine Smite: You can sacrifice a spell slot to deal (1 + spell level)d8 radiant damage plus 1d8 extra damage vs undead/fiends, when you hit with a melee weapon attack
  • Fighting Style - Defense: +1 to AC while wearing armor
  • Great Weapon Master: You can make a bonus action attack after critting or killing a creature and you can take -5 to a melee attack for +10 damage
  • Extra Attack: You can make two attacks on your turn
  • Heavy Armor Master: You take 3 less bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage while in heavy armor and you gain +1 Str
  • War Magic: Attack as bonus action after casting a cantrip
  • Mage Slayer: You gain advantage on saves vs spells from adjacent creatures, can attack an adjacent creature who casts a spell as a reaction, and concentration checks caused by your damage have disadvantage
  • Indomitable: Reroll a failed save 1/day
  • Eldritch Strike: Creatures you hit with weapon attacks have disadvantage vs your spells for one round
  • Extra Attack: Three attacks

Pick up hex and eldritch blast spells

Ending Abilities

1 turn action + bonus action

greatsword damage per attack (3 max): 2d6 (reroll 1's or 2's once) + divine smite (2d8-5d8) + Strength + great weapon master damage bonus action quicken eldritch blast = 4d10 + 4/bolt (empower allows reroll up to Charisma modifier)

spell points act the same as sorcerer points, so you don't need to use a spell to convert as bonus action.

build can be boosted by the sword of sharpness, tome of leadership and influence, and/or armor of invulnerability.

if the sword of sharpness, Great Weapon Fighting becomes useless.

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