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The Wyrmsworn[edit]

The Wyrmsworn are the most enigmatic of the "Kjeldons", and have no set geographic expanse aside from the vast lands of the Kjeldon tribes. The Wyrmsworn are a tribe that is not a tribe, for they are from every tribe but of none. They are seen as rabble-rousers and even rebels by some for their actions, and their goal is to throw off the hierarchy of Tribes and become one people united in the north; so the label is not necesarily wrong. They aren't terrorists though, and only the most radical bands of Wyrmsworn have fought Fang or other Tribal outposts or done anything overt. The Wyrmsworn movement is still largely in its infancy, but it is slowly gaining traction due to the Fang Tribe's taxation (not really harsh but a new concept in the north) and the sense of growing evil that all the wise men and shamen can feel growing in the world. There is a sense among the young men that are the backbone of the Wyrmsworn that there is a calling to do something more than what they have done, to gain a sense of meaning in the larger context. On top of this the rising fear that the Ice Queen of legend is yet alive in her dread palace, and the 'established rulers' unwillingness to listen, have lead to men joining the Wyrmsworn as a means of preparation for what's seen as an inevitable conflict.. The Wyrmsworn take their name from the legend that they have that their leading council, greybeards who have been fermenting the movement for decades, sit in council with a Dragon of the ancient days - one of the great Wyrms of their legends. Few actually believe it but it is a strong legend and a tale to warm the hearts of new members.

In truth, the legend is actually partially true. The leader of the council is the truly ancient Dragon Vaevictus Asmadi, although few would take him for one. He was caught in human form on the northern ice shelves, speaking with a centuries old Shamen that he often traded riddles with, and cursed to remain in human form by the Ice Queen. So long as she lives the last Dragon Lord of the ancient days, capable of channeling a magics beyond count and laying waste to cities, is relegated to human form. He harbored a deep rage for centuries, travelling the world in search of knowledge or magics to free him or ways to defeat her, before returning north to set his plans and make his war on her. He is slowly building the movement, and is adept at playing politics of all sorts. Aside from the Kjeldon tribesmen that he first began to play politics amongst, Nord men and Boldous Vikings have joined the Wyrmsworn - for among them it is an order dedicated to fighting the Bone Kjeldons. They work with other Kjeldons in the Wyrmsworn to wage a guerilla war against the Bone Kjeldons in the mountains of the far north. In their cultures, the Wyrmsworn are looked on negatively as men who are begging for a dangerous war with those better left alone. The Wyrmsworn do have some few recruits from among the Sibersk men, mostly Tartars who's hatred of the Bone Kjeldons burns bright or the Khachak Tribesmen who remember the "long nights" from their forefathers' tales. All of these men, drawn from different backgrounds and fighting for different reasons, fight in the name of the Great Wyrm and at least all know of the Ice Queen. The whole movement has the feeling of a freight train whose wheels are just starting to turn, they may catch on the rails and start forewords, or they may fall silent as the immensely complex engine fails to start.

Area of Influence: Northerned

Base of Operations: An immense cave high in the Aldari Mountains of the far north

Leadership Style: Council under the leadership of Vaevictus Asmadi

Patron Deity: N/A

Symbol: N/A

Other: N/A

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