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A race of vampires so devoted to their own personal goals that they disregard any and all obligation to others

A thirst for blood is a constant and unending desire. Due to the endless nature of the craving, Nightstalkers have overcome the instinctual need to consume blood at every chance, however they are not above sampling a taste when given an opportunity.

Creating a Nightstalker[edit]

Becoming a Nightstalker results from either the ingestion or the injection of Nightstalker blood into the subject. Ingestion of the blood will not result in an immediate transformation but rather will take 24 hours until it takes hold resulting in a very painful transformation. The ingestion of the blood will render the subject incapacitated for 12 hours after the transformation begins. Injection on the other hand is a rapid process and will only incapacitate the subject for 2 hours from the time of the injection. Nightstalkers have no obligation to follow the rules of their sire, but can chose to do so.

Size, Type, and Physical Change[edit]

Nightstalkers are always medium humanoids. If this description is not met, the body of the subject undergoes a metamorphosis to meet them. A side effect of the change is a permanent loss of half the original HP. Nightstalkers are notorious for having pale skin, and either black or red irises. Another notable feature for nightstalkers is the either incredibly dark or extraordinary light hair colors.

Hit Dice[edit]

from this point onwards the hit dice is increased or decreased to a D10.


Due to the inherent speed of Nightstalkers, increase the base speed of the subject by 10.


The Nightstalker retains the ability to use any and all manufactured weapons but looses all natural weapons. They do however gain fangs allowing for a bite attack of 1d4+str as well as a followup drain ability. (does not work on nonflesh creatures. )

Full Attack[edit]

To use the bite/drain attack, the Night stalker must grapple and pin the target.

Special Qualities[edit]

Saves have a DC of 10 + ½ nightstalker's HD + nightstalker's Cha modifier unless noted otherwise.

Ageless: a nightstalker does not age, remaining forever the apparent age and age category it was when transformed. The aging effects of certain spells such as wish, can affect a nightstalker.

Blood Drain: While in its true form, a nightstalker can suck blood from a living victim with its fangs by making a successful grapple check. If it pins the foe, it drains blood. The attack is an automatic success if it can find a willing or unconscous victim, but nightstalker must make a grapple check immediately if the victim wakes or changes its mind. A failed save may result in injury: the nightstalker must make a Reflex save at DC 5+HD of the target to avoid a lost of 2 hp damage per HD of the target. The amount of constitution damage is determined by the size difference between the nightstalker and its victim. If the same size, one constitution point is drained per round; if the victim is one size smaller, it looses 2 constitution points per round. If it is one size larger, it looses a point the first round drained, and one every other round after that. If the victim is two sizes larger, a point is lost every four rounds, and so on. A victim of a nightstalker’s blood drain who is not completely drained regains constitution at a rate of 1 point per day up to the number of points drained, but must get a total of at least 8 hours of sleep per day to enable the healing. Each round spent draining a victim's blood, the nightstalker gains a blood point. It can store only six points + constitution modifier at any one time; once that capacity is full, it may still drain blood, but the blood is wasted. A nightstalker automatically spends one blood point on a cure moderate wounds like effect for 2d8 hp. Blood points may also be spent consciously to recover lost constitution points or regenerate lost body parts. One blood point can be spent to regenerate up to one constitution point, five hit points, or the regrowth of a single joint at a time (ie if an arm is lost 1 point for the elbow, one for the wrist, etc.).

Dominate (Su):A nightstalker can crush an opponent's will just by gazing into his or her eyes. This is similar to a gaze attack, except that the nightstalker must use a standard action, and those merely looking at it are not affected. Anyone the nightstalker targets must succeed on a Will save or fall instantly under the nightstalker’s influence as though by a dominate person spell the ability has a range of 60 feet.

Release Form (Ex): A nightstalker can assume three forms: its base form, which is visibly almost (see below) indistinguishable from its base creature, its true form, and its beast form. True form transforming involves each fingernail, toenail, etc. elongating and becoming sharp if the base creature lacks sharp claws, the incisors become elongated, sharp, hypodermic - needle - like fangs, and each eye develops an enlarged red iris and a vertical slit pupil. The process is an act of will that takes one full round and counts as a free action. However, conscious actions (to hit, dodge, saves, etc) are made at -4 during that round. The beast form is the ability to transform into one of the creatures on the sorcerer’s familiar list. The process is similar in mechanics. Because of their aversion to sunlight, nightstalker’s skin tends to be unusually pale relatively to the base creature. When a nightstalker uses blood points to regenerate hit points, it also heals scars and other minor blemishes, resulting in perfect skin and hair. As a result, someone familiar with the base creature's species might notice there seems to be something... 'different' about the base form. True form: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +4, Dex +4, Con +4, Cha -4 Beast Form: See stats for selected creature

Senses: A nightstalker retains all the senses of the base creature and gains darkvision 60 feet. If the base creature already has darkvision, the range is increased by 60 feet.

Weapon of Hellfire (Sp): A Nightstalker of level ten or higher can have a weapon deal an additional 1D6 fire/negative damage, as with a Flaming Weapon spell. This ability has a duration as long as the nightstalker is holding the weapon


Holy water and Holy symbols disorients nightstalkers as a noxious substance, making them ill the effect is extremely painful and limits its actions to 1 movement or attack per round. They can speak normally while overcome. A nightstalker who makes a fortitude save at -6 can fight off the affect.

Direct sunlight: nightstalkers take a -6 penalty on all rolls in sunlight caused by discomfort upon exposure Any shade, such as a tree or even clothing can provide protection, but just being outside on a bright day is enough to make a nightstalker feel ill.

Alchemical Silver is is nearly fatal to a vampire upon initial contact with any silver that has been treated, causing the nightstalker to take a -2 to all rolls for the next 2 rounds and take and additional 4 damage when attacked with silver weapons.

Fire: Fire is extremely dangerous to nightstalker. Fire disorients nightstalkers blinding them limiting their vision to 30 ft. Nightstalkers also take 1d8 of additional damage to all flame based attacks.

Slaying a nightstalker: Reducing a nightstalker's hit points to 0 or lower incapacitates it but doesn't always destroy it, due to the strong necromantic powers flowing through its veins. However, actions can be taken to prevent it from rising again. First the vampire must be decapitated by a alchemical silver weapon and have a wooden stake driven into his heart. Then the head and body must be burned simultaneously but not in the same place. The ashes of the body must be tossed into a moving body of water. The ashes from the head are to be placed in a jar full of holy water and tightly sealed. If not done correctly or the ashes for the head are removed from the jar and properly dried, the nightstalker may rise again in 2d4 days. (Knowledge Religion DC 30 to know how to fully kill a nightstalker.)


Str +1,Dex +1,Con +1, Cha +2


Nightstalkers gain the Alertness and Lightning Reflexes feats, assuming the base creature meets the prerequisites and doesn’t already have these feats. Nightstalker also gains 2 bonus feats.


Nightstalkers prefer more temperate environments.


Social stigmas against vampires often affect nightstalkers as well. This means that nightstalkers are often forced into a life of solitude with the exception of underlings or perhaps close friends.

Challenge Rating[edit]



Nightstalkers, while not fond of riches tend to amass large sums of it as adventurers often attempt to fight them and usually die leaving their possessions in the care of the nightstalker.


While not evil, nightstalkers are often focused on personal goals. Most nightstalkers are chaotic or neutral in nature.


Character advancement does not change with the exception of hit die.

Level Adjustment[edit]

+2 (removable with the dm's permission)

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