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Niev were born in an attempt to create immortal soldiers and to discover immortality, without paying the price of their own wisdom or humanity. Revenants have no masters and most of them are dead, nor are there a few around and normally away from society. Niev edoc Traits Ability Score Increase Con +2; Choose any other two unique +1 Ability Score Increase Con +2; Choose any other two unique +1

Age . Thanks to the Necroabbersite each and every Revenant is implanted with, they do not age. They take on the same age they held onto during life.

they can die if their heart is destroyed.

Alignment Niev hold no particular alignment. Both evil and good are found amongst their ranks, alongside the lawful and the chaotic.

Size Niev are humans given a second shot at life. your size is Medium.

Speed Your base walking speed is 35 feet.

Darkvision Thanks to the abilities granted to you by your Necroabbersite, you gain improved vision in the dark. You have Darkvision up to 30 feet.

Blood Veil Each Niev is endowed with a veil of blood, a weapon with which they can drain blood from a target with a bonus action. you have 1d4 penetrating unarmed strike. the flow varies according to the veil of blood.

Necroabbersite Constitution. Thanks to your Necroabbersite, you having the ability to close minor wounds. Three for long rest, you can reinvigorate your necroabbersite and heal 1d6 + yours Constitution modifier. Also, there is no need to drink and eat replaced by a thirst for blood. Gifts You gain one cantrip of your choice, from any class. Your spellcasting proficiency is the same as the class you chose from.

Ressurection Thanks to your Necroabbersite, you can to recover from even the worst of blows, as long as yours the heart is intact. Whenever you fail three death saving throws, your body disperses, reforming itself 1d4 days later. When this happens, you lose part of your memories, this will lead you to become a lost (this condition is specified below. Determine with your DM after how many deaths you will become a "lost".

Bloodthirst A Niev does not need to eat or drink thanks to their Necroabbersite. Instead, they must feed off blood else be lost forever. However, different Revenants are able to stave off their blood lust for various amounts of time

Staving off Thirst.

It is usually not wise to ignore the bloodlust, but it can be done. For each week that you don't consume blood, you must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw, or suffer a level of bloodlust. After the first week, the DC increases by 5 for each consecutive 24-hour period without blood. You must re-roll the saving throw every day after a past week without drinking blood.

Drinking Blood.

You are able to drink the blood of any humanoid. When you do, remove 1 level of Blood Lust. Also, you can drain blood during a Long Rest as long as you have a willing ally. This does not interrupt either character's long rest.

Blood Lust.

This occurs whenever you fail to stave off your bloodthirst. There are six levels, just like with Exhaustion.

Level One: Disadvantage on Ability Checks.

Level Two: Speed halved.

Level Three: Disadvantage on attack rolls, saving throws, and spellcasting rolls.

Level Four: Hit point maximum halved.

Level Five: Speed reduced to 0.

Level Six: You are now one of the Lost, a mindless beast. This character is forever lost, aside from a Wish spell.

Optional rule. Your DM may make wisdom saves (DC 16) to resist bloodlust after at least 5 days of not drinking blood. on a failed save, you attack the creature closest to you each turn until you drain some blood.

Lost becoming a lost means becoming an aberration (stats chosen by the DM), a monster in search of blood and victims to be brutally killed.

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