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Nexian Realms[edit]

In Game Description[edit]

An unnatural darkness fills the landscape. An eerie silence fills the darkness, occasionally interrupted with laughter, screams and the sounds of dice upon stone. "Would you like to play a game?" A disembodied voice greets travelers. Purple forms slowly become visible to the party, some seem humanoid, though many are all manner of creatures varying greatly in size. Purple veins of light seem to pierce the darkness as the party notices immense power seemingly in the air, driving them onward, towards the sound of dice, laughter, and screams.

As the party continues down the path, one of stone with smaller purple veins flowing through it, they began to notice that the darkness seems to brighten, they begin to see all manner of games and creatures beckoning them to come play. Vast open air auditoriums can be seen off the sides of the roads, full of performers. As the party travels down the path many forks begin to appear leading the party closer and closer to the things they desire most.

Meta Description[edit]

The Nexian Realms the pockets of chaos that the God Nexos, an ancient draconic greater deity, takes refuge. Nexos is the god of games, magic, and free will. As the party traverses The Nexian Realms they will hear the siren calls of their own inner desires, luring them deeper into the realms. As they go deeper into the Nexian Realms they will begin to meet Nexos' servants. Some seek only to entertain the party, others offer the party riches if they can beat them at their games (most of which are rigged), while others are simply beasts they wish to consume the souls of travelers in order to increase their powers. All the while Nexos sits back and watches eager to see what mortals will do if only given the opportunity.


The Nexian realm is home to all manner of creatures that are lured, or wander into it through rifts in the material planes. The natives of this realm are known as nexians. Nexians are extraplanar creatures similar to angels and demons. Their alignments tend towards chaos, most tend to be chaotic neutral. Nexians are creatures that have truly lost themselves to the Nexian Realms.

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