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Nature's Handmaiden[edit]

Your reverence toward nature and purity of heart has led to your favor with the fey. You act as both a ward from the forces of civilization and a healer of the natural world.

Prerequisite: Females Only[edit]

This subclass is available only to a female ranger. Male rangers cannot take up this subclass.

Handmaiden Spells[edit]

Your favor with the natural world has granted you additional spells. These spells don't count against your number of spells known.

Handmaiden Spells[edit]
Ranger Level Spells
3rd bless
5th moonbeam
9th revivify
13th aura of purity
15th awaken

Nature's Blessing[edit]

After choosing this archetype at 3rd level, you gain the druidcraft cantrip along with one other cantrip from the Druid spell list. You gain an additional druid cantrip at 13th level.

Gale Step[edit]

Beginning at 7th level, when a creature makes an attack roll against you, you may use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the roll. You may use this ability after the roll, but before the outcome is determined. If the attack misses, you may move 30ft. as part of the same reaction without invoking attacks of opportunity. You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier and regain all expended uses when you complete a long rest.

Healing Hands[edit]

Beginning at 11th level, whenever you use your action cast a spell that heals a target, you may cast it as a bonus action instead. Additionally, you receive resistance to Poison damage and immunity to the poisoned condition.

Blessings of the Fey[edit]

Beginning at 15th level, as an action you may entwine yourself with the nature around you, receiving the following benefits for one minute. You must finish a long rest before you may use this ability again:

While active, you are considered a Fey creature.

Additionally, you are considered to be under the effects of the sanctuary spell for the duration.

All creatures that you designate within 30ft. of you must make a Wisdom saving throw against your Spell Save DC or be charmed by you for the duration of this ability.

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