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The first Dominion Overlord started out as a very young and handsome wizard he was the perfect person he worshiped the Gods and obeyed the laws,his name is Aknamkanon his study of magic drove him to be powerful but humble at the age of 26 he then married and had a child,the perfect life but all was not well his child was taken ill and his magic could not cure it his wife was killed by a statue of one of the Gods and then followed his child who met the same fate.He then starts to curse the Gods and developed a hate so supreme that it destroyed his magic tower to keep his hate under control he turned his hate into a gauntlet of Hate and when he put it on he went through a physical and mental transformation his body became bulky and all he can think of is how going to take the lands that the Gods claim to have created.he spends the rest of his years in a kingdom called Vanchilia named after his former wife he kills lesser Gods and bans magic so he can forget that painful reminder of his perfect life.He rules without mercy and with a slogan that says The weak deserve to die but the Gods even more so.he now spends his time to thrive and become stronger to show the Gods what true power looks like.

Master Assassin[edit]

The Master Assassins always get their mark. These killers never play fair, and aim to kill before they are ever seen. They have far more money and resources than the average contract killer, allowing them access to rare, potent poisons.Aknamkanon has a few of these Assassins when he want to spy on people who are using magic or on anything that is plotting against him.


This wizard is young she has dodged Assassins and the overlord all her life she has innate magic but with constantly studying she is the perfect wizard.Some people say she has an exact resemblance to Vanchilia the long lost wife to Aknomkanon.

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