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In the ever expanding multiverse the inhabitants of the Kingdoms of Trevendour there lives many important people those who have had there name song across generations and those who have been forgotten nevertheless these people are important to ones story and may even make an adventure become renown.

Important NPCs[edit]

Cole The Necromancer[edit]

All great rulers have storys this one belongs to Cole.

 His past was simple but soon became unforgiving, his future determined to get revenge on the god who sentenced his father to death, "King of all Undead" he calls himself and ruler of his own kingdom called, The Kingdom of Deaths Door. Allied with the Elvish kingdom, Silvia the ruler of her kingdom and with her help Cole with have the stomping power to crush the Holy Kingdom.

Important NPCs[edit]

The Dwarfvin Council[edit]

A group of skilled Dwarf's came together and forged a Kingdom so that their people are safe. To insure their people's safety they created

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